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Uber and Lyft have experienced tremendous growth in popularity in recent years as ride-sharing services. These platforms have significantly improved accessibility and affordability for people seeking transportation on our highways and roads. Commuters can now reach their destinations promptly without the hassle of parking, while individuals who have consumed alcohol have a safer alternative for getting home. All it takes is a smartphone to request a driver to pick you up.

Unfortunately, not all riders reach their destinations safely. Like any other vehicles, cars used by Uber are also susceptible to human error and traffic accidents. If you find yourself involved in a crash while using a ride-sharing service, it’s natural to feel unsure about which party bears responsibility for the accident. In such circumstances, it can be beneficial to seek the guidance of a Missouri City Uber accident lawyer. They can provide you with the necessary counsel for your case. If you need assistance, feel free to call us today to connect with an experienced auto wreck attorney.

Do I Need a Lawyer for My Uber Accident Case?

Lawyers play a crucial role in gathering and presenting compelling evidence to emphasize the extent of your injuries and the pain caused by a car crash. They can enlist the expertise of professionals to explain the cause of the accident or assess the severity of your injuries. Therefore, it is essential to promptly reach out to a local Uber accident attorney who can assist you with your case while you seek medical treatment for your injuries.

To file a claim, it is important to adhere to the statute of limitations set forth by the law. Contacting an attorney is advisable to ensure the preservation of vital information related to the accident. They can collect, evaluate, and safeguard evidence that may become unavailable over time.

Does Uber Provide Insurance for Passengers?

Every vehicle operating on state roads is required to have insurance coverage, and this also applies to Uber drivers. Ride-sharing services are obligated by state laws to provide a higher level of insurance coverage for their drivers. Fortunately, Uber typically includes $1 million worth of insurance coverage for each prearranged ride.

The $1 million insurance coverage is designed to handle accident claims arising from a single incident. This coverage extends not only to passengers but also to anyone else who may have been injured in the accident, such as pedestrians, motorcyclists, or other vehicles on the road.

In our experience, our lawyers have encountered numerous injuries that surpass the $1 million insurance policy limit in Uber accident cases. However, the compensation amount you receive is based on the severity and impact of your injuries. While minor or temporary injuries may not warrant the full $1 million, more severe or permanent injuries can result in significantly higher compensation amounts.

Who Should I Sue in a Ride-Share Incident?

The key issue in your ride-share accident case is determining fault. For your case to succeed, you must identify the responsible party for your injuries. However, assigning fault in an Uber accident can be challenging, depending on the circumstances of the collision. Our experienced accident lawyers can gather the necessary evidence to establish liability during your ride. With your lawyer’s guidance, you may have grounds to sue:

  1. The Uber driver for their negligent actions.
  2. The car owner for permitting a reckless driver to operate the vehicle.
  3. The car manufacturer for vehicle defects.
  4. Auto-servicing companies for improper or inadequate vehicle servicing.

If multiple parties contributed to the crash, you have the option to sue more than one party. In such cases, you will need to establish fault for each individual defendant in your claim.

Damages Available in a Missouri City Uber Accident

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Any pedestrian or motorist who has been injured by a negligent ride-share driver may have the right to seek compensation. With the assistance of a lawyer, you may be eligible for compensation in the following areas:

  1. Loss of income earning capacity
  2. Lost wages
  3. Past and future medical expenses
  4. Pain and suffering
  5. Mental anguish
  6. Physical impairment

However, pursuing compensation is not a simple process. Ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft prioritize their profits, and they may try to offer you the lowest possible amount, even if it does not reflect the true value of your damages. In some instances, they may even deny your claim outright. To safeguard against potential acts of bad faith by insurance companies, it is crucial to speak with our Missouri City Uber accident lawyers today. We offer a free consultation to discuss your case. Contact us today to speak with our team.

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