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If you or your loved one have been hurt in any type of accident, you know how much of a burden the physical pain and suffering can be. Besides that, there is also the financial aspect to worry about. Many injuries, particularly catastrophic ones, require continued treatment. And with your livelihoods disrupted, access to quality medical care may be uncertain.

Fortunately, Texas laws provide for a means through which personal injury victims can recover monetary compensation to cover medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, loss of enjoyment of life, and emotional trauma among other damages. However, you bear the burden of proof to show, with indisputable evidence, that another party’s negligence caused your injuries. As expected, not everyone has the legal experience or background to sustain an injury claim. In this scenario, a knowledgeable Bellaire personal injury lawyer from Lone Star Injury Attorneys will provide an accurate review of your case and determine your eligibility for compensation.

When to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Many circumstances may result in the need for a personal injury attorney. As mentioned earlier, you may qualify for compensation if the circumstances of your injuries involve negligence from another person, party, or entity. However, negligence or liability is not always straightforward. You will need a qualified Bellaire personal injury attorney to review your case and provide detailed findings regarding your legal options. You should consult an attorney in scenarios involving:

All these are common ways that one may suffer harm due to the careless behavior or negligent conducts of another party. Because you will need evidential proof to back your claim, working with a skillful attorney should be a priority.

Duties of a Personal Injury Attorney

Of course, injury victims have the right to justice whether they hire an attorney to represent them or self-litigate. However, choosing the right attorney has proven to be more worthwhile than going all in alone. A seasoned Bellaire personal injury attorney has the experience and skills to:

Value Your Claim

The aftermath of a catastrophic injury such as brain damage can be daunting. Besides causing untold emotional and physical suffering, such injuries come with expenses in the form of medical costs, therapy expenses, and rehabilitation costs among other economic damages. If you are employed, worker’s compensation may not be enough to cover all losses. A skilled lawyer will ensure that all tangible and intangible losses are taken into account before negotiating any settlement.

Collect Direct Evidence

When pursuing compensation from insurance companies or through a court process, you will need direct evidence to back your claim. Unfortunately, circumstantial evidence is not enough to prove your case. But knowing where to look and what type of proof to collect is a tall order especially when you are severely injured or don’t have any legal experience. An established personal injury law firm has the manpower and resources to investigate the circumstances of your injuries and recover crucial evidence relating to the harm and damages suffered.

Negotiate Fair Settlement

After your accident or injury has been reported to insurance companies, an insurance adjuster will most likely make a settlement offer. Many people find this exciting and thus hurriedly accept their terms without giving it another thought. The truth of the matter, however, is that such quick offers are barely made in your best interests. Besides opening the stage for further negotiations, initial settlements are meant to trick victims into signing away their rights. Insurance companies understand your vulnerability at this point, and without a tenacious Bellaire personal injury attorney to negotiate a better settlement, you are likely to settle for less.

Provide Legal Coverage in Court

Although many personal injury cases settle through insurance companies, there is still a chance that your claim can proceed to court. When the other side contests your case and is unwilling to settle out of court, you may file a lawsuit within your jurisdiction. Because insurance companies have experienced attorneys ready to fight in court, you must level the playing field if you want a fair process and your rights protected. Our trial-tested Bellaire personal injury attorney will provide you with unmatched legal coverage in and out of court.

Our Bellaire Personal Injury Attorneys Will Help You Focus on Recovery

Recovering from a serious injury takes time and money. Our caring personal injury lawyers in Bellaire and across Texas are committed to providing you with the legal coverage you need to access both. We will fight to recover the most out of your case so you can have the time and peace of mind to focus on treatment and recovery. Call Lone Star Injury Attorneys to learn more.

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