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Every day, residents of Conroe face potential dangers that can result in serious injuries and profound psychological trauma. Unfortunately, many of these injured victims fail to receive the full justice they deserve, and some may not even be aware that they qualify for monetary compensation. Under Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code 33.001, you have the opportunity to seek compensation for damages suffered if another party’s negligent misconduct caused harm to you. While no amount of money can undo the damages, the compensation you receive can help alleviate the financial burdens often associated with an injury.

Filing a personal injury claim is not an easy task, as it requires meeting all the legal requirements to present your case before a judge or jury. For the average person, this can be a daunting endeavor, especially when already burdened physically and emotionally by the aftermath of the injury. Fortunately, our empathetic and highly skilled Conroe personal injury lawyers at Lone Star Injury Attorneys can assist you in navigating this rigorous and stressful process. If you have recently suffered physical harm due to another party’s negligence, pursuing what is rightfully yours is a just course of action.

The Process of a Personal Injury Claim in Conroe

When considering whether to pursue legal action for your injuries, it is essential to understand the workings of the claims process. It is not merely a matter of assigning blame to another party. To ensure that you adequately prepare and present a strong case for a favorable outcome, consider the following steps:

Retaining a Lawyer

Many accident victims tend to handle their personal injury claims independently, perceiving legal representation as an expense they cannot afford. However, many injured parties can obtain legal representation at no upfront cost through a contingency fee agreement, which we offer at Lone Star Injury Attorneys. Under this arrangement, you only pay our lawyers if they secure compensation on your behalf through the personal injury case. Thus, you need not worry about affording a lump sum in legal fees.

To retain one of our attorneys, you can start by scheduling a free case evaluation through a phone call, which typically lasts between 15-60 minutes. This initial meeting allows your lawyer to review the details of your accident and assess the viability of your case. To facilitate the process, remember to bring supporting documents such as police reports and scene photos.


Once you have agreed to work with our legal team, the burden of your case is lifted from your shoulders. It becomes our responsibility to focus on securing maximum compensation on your behalf. Meanwhile, you can prioritize your well-being by seeking necessary medical treatment for your injuries and following your doctor’s plan.

During our fact-finding mission, we gather statements from eyewitnesses who may have observed the accident, as their testimonies play a crucial role in establishing liability. We also consider police reports and medical records to build a strong case on your behalf. The purpose of these investigations is to demonstrate that the defendant was at least 51% responsible for the accident, which is the minimum requirement for most personal injury claims in Texas.

Settling with Insurance Companies or Proceeding to Trial

Once we have built your accident case and determined the value of your claim, your dedicated lawyer will notify the defendant’s insurance company of your compensation demands. However, the insurance adjuster may have already reached out with an initial settlement offer.

Based on the specifics of your claim, your attorney will engage in negotiations with the insurance company until a mutually agreeable settlement is reached. If these negotiations fail to result in fair compensation, you still have the option to file a lawsuit in court.

In the rare event that your case proceeds to trial, attorneys from both sides will present their arguments before a judge and jury. This is where all relevant documents pertaining to your injuries and damages will be presented. Your personal injury lawyer will present the necessary facts and documents to support your case. However, securing a trial date can take months or even years. It is worth noting that while there is no specific deadline for settling your case once it has been filed in court, the statute of limitations begins when you file the claim. However, the attorney you hire can expedite the process to help you reach a resolution in a timely manner.

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attorney meetingAt Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we recognize the significance of both filing a claim and receiving timely compensation. That’s why we are dedicated to advocating for your best interests, whether it involves negotiations or proceeding to trial. Contact one of our Conroe personal injury lawyers today to learn more about your potential case.

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Max Will Work Hard to Secure the Best Outcome for you!

Max Will Work Hard to Secure the Best Outcome for you!
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