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In the world we live in today, danger lurks from all corners. If you are a pedestrian, a careless driver may hit you. If you are driving, another motorist may rear-end your car. Even while shopping at the grocery store, you may slip and fall because liquid was spilled and left unattended. All these are just some examples of causes of injuries. And in many cases, no matter how careful you are, your safety is also dependent on the actions of other persons. Even if you are 100% sure of your safety and that you are doing everything right, an error from another person may cause you serious or debilitating harm.

If you were injured, or a loved one was killed in an accident caused by the negligence of another party or entity, that is not the end. Taking legal action against the party at fault allows you to recover monetary compensation for your injuries and damages. While you can present your case all by yourself, hiring a qualified legal team is always recommended. The rigorous legal process requires careful attention to detail. But with a seasoned Spring personal injury lawyer, you are guaranteed professionalism and expertise in the handling of your case.

Who is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer is an attorney who provides legal representation to people who have been injured in an accident. This harm may be psychological or emotional, but in most cases, it involves physical injuries. Personal injury is a legal area that is within the larger area tort law. And unlike state prosecutors, the work of a personal injury attorney is to help their clients recover compensation for their injuries, rather than punish the defendant.

3 Primary Roles of a Spring Personal Injury Lawyer

Although there are many ways an attorney could help you, there are three primary roles that they undertake to help you get compensation. Through their expertise, they get to work on your case while you focus on recovery. The three major roles of your accident lawyer are:

Investigating Your Case & Determining Liability

In legal practice, the burden of proof in most cases falls on the plaintiffs or the party seeking compensation. It’s up to you to prove to the judge or jury that the defendant’s actions or inactions caused you harm. If it were not for their negligence, you could be living a normal life as you did before the accident. All that the defendant will be doing is to counter your claims, so the outcome of your case is largely dependent on the amount of evidence you present.

A good Spring personal injury lawyer knows this and will do everything in their capacity to prove liability. This begins by visiting the scene of the accident. But if it’s already cleared before they arrive, the information you gathered may help. Your attorney will:

  • Speak to eyewitnesses
  • Retain experts to reconstruct your accident
  • Obtain copies of police reports
  • Access evidence such as CCTV and traffic footage

All these will be geared towards determining liability, which is often contested even when liability is crystal clear.

Negotiating With Insurance Companies

Following an accident or injury, insurance companies, through their insurance adjusters, often reach out to the affected parties with an initial offer. Although this sounds like good news to many, you should not be overly excited. Past experiences have proven that insurance companies offer very low amounts when it comes to compensating personal injury victims initially.

With an aggressive Spring personal injury lawyer, your case is handled professionally. And while it’s very easy for an insurance adjuster to manipulate an injured person into believe that their case is worth less than it really is, it’s impossible to do so if a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer is in the picture. So to avoid recovering lowball settlements or none at all, it’s important that you retain an attorney.

Proceeding to Trial/Court

Not all cases settle during negotiations with insurance companies, but most of them do. In case you are not satisfied with the settlement offer made by your insurance company, this is not the end. You may file a petition in court seeking compensation for your injuries and damages.

However, the process may be time-consuming, expensive and more complicated. This leaves you with no other option but to let an accredited Spring personal injury lawyer handle the administrative tasks of this complex legal process. Their legal teams will use their resources and expertise to make indisputable arguments in court to your benefit.

Retaining a Spring Personal Injury Lawyer from Our Firm

If you are seeking to retain a Spring personal injury lawyer, don’t just look for anyone who claims to be an attorney. Look for experience, resources, honesty and dedication. You can find all these at Lone Star Injury Attorneys. To learn more about how our personal injury lawyers can help you, contact us today for a free consultation.

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Max Paderewski is a thoughtful attorney

Max Paderewski is a thoughtful attorney
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Max Paderewski is a thoughtful attorney who truly cares about his clients. Max provided invaluable legal advice during a consultation. He took the time to empathically listen and understand the incident in order provide an informed legal recommendation. The next time I need legal advice, Max and Lone Star Injury Attorneys will be my first call!

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