Our Approach

Our firm was founded on the principle that excellent representation begins the day the client first contacts our firm.

We use the full extent of our resources to the client’s needs beginning when the client first reaches out to us. Our team will assess the nuances of your case, and ensure that you are in contact with an attorney best-suited to your needs. We offer a free initial consultation where you can meet with one of our qualified attorneys who will be handling your case. This meeting will give you an idea of our strategy to achieve the best results for your particular case. Your attorney and our firm’s support staff will then manage all communications with third parties, such as insurance companies and investigators, while giving you regular updates on the status of your case and letting you know when we will need your participation.

Through modern Zoom technology, our attorneys are able to serve clients throughout all of Texas, regardless of where they live.

Maxwell Paderewski

A tenacious trial attorney with award-winning skills in legal writing and research, Maxwell is one of the Texas’s best personal injury attorneys.
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We also ensure that we meet the critical deadlines that are set by state law, and that all required legal paperwork is completed. If your case proceeds to a trial setting, we will litigate aggressively on your behalf to produce the greatest possible outcome. After your case has finished, we will work with you to make sure that all potential lienholders are satisfied, and you can return your life back to normal. While your case may be finished, wecontinue to assist our clients for as long as they need our help.

Our clients often first contact us during times of great stress and frustration. A great disruption has occurred in their daily lives, and they need compensation for the damages incurred. Our qualified attorneys work diligently to relieve the clients of this stress and give them peace of mind. We respond to all client questions quickly and ensure that our clients understand exactly what is happening in their cases. Lone Star Injury Attorneys is more than lawyers and staff; it is a team of professionals devoted to client satisfaction.

Please reach out to our office for additional information regarding our attorneys and how we can help you in your personal injury case. Schedule a free consultation today.

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