How To Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer in Texas

When running their daily errands, most people have no idea of the need for a personal injury attorney until they are involved in an accident. Accidents occur every single minute across the globe, and in most cases, they are as a result of someone’s negligence. Many times, the injuries sustained can be fatal, leaving victims with heavy financial bills as they seek further medical attention. Sadly, some of these injuries can be life-threatening, and may lock you out of work for the rest of your life.

What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

If you have been involved in an accident, you should immediately consider getting in touch with an experienced personal injury lawyer rather than seeking compensation on your own. Personal injury lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that the parties at fault are brought to justice and offer you the rightful compensation as you deserve, either through the court system or through negotiation. Not only do they provide you with accurate estimates of the value of your case, but also help in the collection, evaluation and presentation of evidence before the proper insurance companies, the judge or the jury. Doing all these by yourself can prolong your healing process and escalating the severity of injuries, especially when it comes to emotional suffering.

For most first timers in civil litigation, finding a personal injury attorney is a daunting task. While there are many personal injury lawyers out there, it is prudent to note that some of them do not necessarily have your best interests at heart, and are only after attorneys fees. But for the most professional in legal practice, you will easily be able to distinguish them from the rest immediately you contact them.

Here are some of the key things to look out for when choosing your personal injury lawyer:

Compassion and Legal Advice Offered

While civil litigation or general legal representation is a wholesome business, a professional personal injury lawyer is able to combine their offering legal services with compassionate care for the client. They will not only be motivated by the amount of attorneys fees that would possibly arise from your case, but also by the desire to help you solve your problems by offering a solution. This means that your personal injury lawyer will burn the midnight oil to help you with your property damage claim, your ability to find the right doctors, and your potential problems with being able to pay for your medical treatment.

No Shady Business Agreements With Medical Providers and Chiropracters

Most personal injury attorneys can help you find a doctor who will not charge for treatment upfront, but instead will collect on their medical bills after the case is finished. This is regular practice with personal injury cases. However, some personal injury attorneys have contractual relationships with certain medical providers, such that they receive a financial kickback for every new client they refer out to the doctor. This can become a problem at the end of the case, when your lawyer may need to negotiate down the total bills you owe to that provider.

If your personal injury lawyer has a financial interest in keeping the doctor happy, he may sacrifice your financial return to make sure the doctor gets a larger fee. As a result, you will receive less money than you otherwise would because the lawyer wants to maintain his contractual arrangement for kickbacks with the doctor.

A good attorney will have no such relationship with the doctors. At the end of the case, when money has to go to either you or the doctor, he will be 100% on your side to get the doctor to reduce his bills as much as possible. He or she will not have a conflict of interest that leaves you with less money at the end.


If you want a lawyer, you should be able to speak to the lawyer when signing up. If you cannot arrange for an appointment to talk with a lawyer, then the lawyer may not have enough time for your case. Some lawyers sign up clients without ever speaking to them or looking too closely at their case. They may hold on to the case for nearly two years before they refer the case out to another law firm, and collect a percentage of the attorneys fees.

If you can’t set up an appointment to talk to a lawyer, it is not a good sign. A good law firm will give you the attention you deserve, and arrange for you to speak with a lawyer at the earliest availability.


Personal injury lawyers with a proven track record are the most sought after when it comes to civil litigation. By looking at their past settlement and courtroom verdicts, you can easily distinguish between lawyers with experience from those new in personal injury law. That said, it is also worth noting that not all new personal injury lawyers are to be sidelined when choosing who is right for you. As a matter of fact, majority of new law firms will endeavor to offer nothing short of the best to help establish a good name for themselves.

As you seek to choose the best personal injury lawyer, take a keen look on their history in civil litigation, and what they will offer you. Ask the lawyer working on your case how much of their time is spent on personal injury versus other areas of law.

You Should Be Part of the Process

Contrary to popular belief, calling a personal injury lawyer and giving them with the responsibility of representing you in court does not make you uninvolved. Many people leave everything in the hands of their lawyers, with the assumption that their input holds no water. Some attorneys may take this advantage against your best interests by compromising your case in accepting a quick and low settlement, or generally treating your case without the seriousness you deserve.

Ideally, you want a personal injury lawyer who gives you the most information about your case, its potential outcomes, and your options going forward. Most importantly, it puts YOU in charge of all final decisions, instead of doing things on your behalf that you haven’t agreed to (e.g. accepting a settlement). Most importantly, a good personal injury lawyer will explain to you in detail how the settlement process works.

What Do Your Lawyer’s Peers Say?

Another great way of choosing your personal injury lawyer is through recommendation. This can be done through listening to what other people say about your would-be attorney. Normally, a selfless and professional personal injury lawyer must have earned a sense of trust from their peers, friends, community, and most importantly, the clients they helped with their cases. If they are the best lawyer in town, you will probably see their positive reviews on sites like Avvo and Google.

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