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Bicycle accidents account for thousands of injuries and fatalities each year. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 961 bicyclists lost their lives in 2021 alone. Despite the use of protective gear like helmets, bicycles are simply no match for cars and trucks. Due to their size and structure, cyclists can easily be forced off the road. Regrettably, many motor vehicle drivers and owners labor under the misconception that bicyclists don’t have a place on the main roads. In truth, bicyclists are legally entitled to share most roads in Sugar Land. If you’ve suffered injuries from an accident caused by a negligent driver, a Sugar Land bicycle accident attorney can help you recover the resulting damages.

By law, bicyclists possess the same rights as other motorists to use public roads. However, many drivers fail to acknowledge or even contemplate sharing the road with bicyclists. As a result, cyclists often bear the brunt of driver negligence, which can put their lives at risk. If you’ve been involved in a bike collision, you’re entitled to seek compensation from the party at fault. While you can undertake this process independently, a proficient personal injury attorney with experience in handling such cases offers an added advantage that could work to your benefit.

What Causes Bicycle Accidents in Sugar Land?

The primary cause of bicycle accidents in Sugar Land is the disregard of cyclists by motor vehicle drivers. Automobile accidents account for nearly 90 percent of all injuries and fatalities resulting from bicycle collisions, both in Sugar Land and across the United States. The following are some common scenarios in which motor vehicles collide with bicycles:

  1. A driver of a parked car or truck abruptly opens their door in the path of an oncoming cyclist.
  2. A cyclist attempts to maneuver around a car.
  3. A cyclist rides against oncoming traffic.
  4. A motor vehicle cuts off a cyclist attempting to enter the roadway.
  5. A motor vehicle driver makes a sudden right turn, impeding a cyclist using the bike lane.
  6. A motor vehicle driver fails to share a lane appropriately with a cyclist.

Nevertheless, not all bicycle-related injuries or fatalities stem from motor vehicle errors. Other factors that can contribute to bicycle accidents include:

  1. A cyclist falling after being attacked by animals.
  2. A cyclist losing balance and falling off their bike.
  3. Poor road conditions causing a cyclist to fall.
  4. Collisions between a cyclist and a pedestrian or another cyclist.

Who Can Be Held Liable for a Bicycle Crash?

Liability in a bicycle accident, much like in any other vehicle collision, typically falls on the party at fault. This determination is based on the cause of the accident and the party’s degree of negligence. As such:

  • If the accident was caused by a motor vehicle driver, they or their insurance company could be sued.
  • Local government agencies could face legal action if poor road conditions resulted in the cyclist falling from their bike.
  • If substandard bicycle materials contributed to the accident, the bicycle manufacturer could be held accountable.
  • In instances where a cyclist was attacked by an animal such as a dog, the animal’s owner could be sued.
  • Pedestrians who negligently interfere with a cyclist’s right of way can also be held liable

Our team of seasoned bicycle accident attorneys in Sugar Land will ensure that everyone responsible for your injuries and accident is held accountable for their role.

How Will a Sugar Land Bicycle Accident Lawyer Help Me Win My Lawsuit?

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A Sugar Land bicycle accident attorney can assist you in proving that the defendant was responsible for the bicycle accident, which led to your injuries. In this process, you must convincingly demonstrate the defendant’s negligence. In a personal injury lawsuit, proving negligence relies on four key legal principles: duty, breach, causation, and damages.

Your local bicycle accident attorney will establish that the at-fault party owed you a duty of care, usually demonstrated by adherence to traffic laws and safe driving practices. They will then show that this duty was breached, leading to your injuries. Consequently, you are entitled to compensation in the form of economic damages (such as medical expenses) and non-economic damages (like pain and suffering), and in some cases, punitive damages may apply.

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