Case Results


Settlement in Premises Liability Case. Max Paderewski successfully represented a client who suffered a trip and fall accident due to a neglected, defective piece of flooring at a major retailer. He held the responsible party accountable, ensuring a significant settlement for our client’s injuries.


Settlement in Trucking Accident with Minimal Property Damage. Our client experienced neck and lower back injuries in a trucking accident, despite the seemingly minor visibility of property damage. Max diligently uncovered evidence of corporate negligence, highlighting a failure to supervise the driver, who had strayed from the expected transportation route.


Settlement for Warehouse Employees Ankle Injuries. Max Paderewski represented a warehouse employee who faced severe ankle fractures due to a coworker’s actions. The coworker’s lane blockage forced our client into a dangerous U-turn, resulting in a crushing injury between a vehicle and an adjacent forklift. His commitment to securing fair compensation for injuries shines through in this significant case outcome.


Settlement in 18-Wheeler Accident. Max Paderewski achieved a significant victory for a client who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a trucking accident. As our client slowed down to prevent colliding with the vehicle in front, an 18-wheeler struck her from behind. Max’s relentless efforts uncovered evidence of corporate negligence, revealing the trucking company’s history of hiring drivers with traffic and criminal violations. Our client also experienced tinnitus, a persistent ringing in the ears, since the accident.


A Successful Trucking Case Valued at $762,500. Max Paderewski’s client faced a rear-end collision with a trucking company, resulting in visible property damage and significant injuries to the neck and lower back. He secured a substantial settlement, even in the face of a prior motor vehicle accident a year earlier, which was cited as the cause of these injuries.


Settlement for Maintenance Mechanic’s Hand Injury. Max Paderewski’s client, a dedicated maintenance mechanic, endured permanent hand injuries, including lasting nerve damage, when instructed by his supervisor to clean a moving conveyor belt. Max successfully advocated for his rights and secured a substantial settlement for his suffering.


for Driver Injured in Commercial Pickup Truck Collision. Our client was involved in a side-swipe collision with a commercial pickup truck, resulting in minor property damage but causing injuries to the shoulder, neck, and back. Our attorneys achieved a $450,000 settlement to ensure his client received the compensation they deserved for their injuries.


Our attorneys achieved a $360,000 total settlement for a family struck in a motor vehicle accident, where each member suffered neck or shoulder pain. He tenaciously fought against the insurance company’s reluctance to recognize the severity of their injuries, ultimately securing justice for his clients, despite the lack of visible property damage.


Max Paderewski’s client was rear-ended by a landscaping company, resulting in mid back injuries that necessitated lifelong radio frequency ablations. Despite the defense’s dispute over the need for future treatment, Max obtained a $345,000 settlement, ensuring his client’s ongoing well-being.


Max Paderewski’s client faced a premises liability incident when slipping on water from a cooler just a few feet from the cashier. The resulting permanent lower back injuries were not overlooked by Max’s dedicated team, leading to a $225,000 settlement that acknowledges the severity of his client’s suffering.


Max Paderewski’s client was involved in a car accident while stopping for a pedestrian in a crosswalk, resulting in a rear-end collision. The injuries sustained, including pain in the upper back, right shoulder, and neck, were diligently represented by Max, leading to a $209,669 verdict that compensates the client for her losses.

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