puddle on ground Slipping and falling while in a store or public places is common to many. Its aftermath is always characterized by a feeling of embarrassment which emanates from the feeling that people will view your fall as an act of comedy. As a result, we feel so bad about ourselves that we hurriedly rise and leave the scene without examining the cause. However, when your fall was caused by an act of negligence from another party, whether it is an employee of the store or the owner, you are entitled to financial compensation.

In the modern world, it is the legal responsibility of every citizen and property owner to ensure that their premises are free from dangers that would lead to a slip and fall accident. As is the case in Sugar Land, slip and fall accident victims have the right to compensation from the liable parties. When you fall down the hallway of your favorite theater, or even a shopping mall due to a spill or unsafe stairs, the property owners are held directly liable for your injuries under the “premises liability act.”

For a common citizen, determining whether they stand ground for compensation is a daunting task. Often, a slip and fall victim can get overwhelmed by the embarrassment and injuries sustained, such that they forget to examine if the property owner is liable. In such cases, the property owner or those responsible for the slip and fall factors may walk scot-free. This should not be the case if you contact a Sugar Land slip and fall lawyer.

Contrary to the beliefs of many citizens in Sugar Land and throughout the country, it is not required that you have permission when accessing public or private properties for the premises liability act to cover you. As a matter of law, premise liability applies to all parties. Interestingly, people legally mandated to be under the roof of a public property or private homes such as workers are well-protected by state statutes. Regardless of whether you had permission to be within the vicinity of a premise, a Sugar Land accident lawyer will address all possible avenues for you to be compensated.

What Defines a Successful Lawsuit Against a Slip and Fall Case?

During a premises liability case, the victim of a slip and injury is required to prove to the court that their injuries were sustained from property owner’s negligence. They may have contributed to your accident in many ways. For example, a similar accident may have happened before, but the owners did not take preventive measures to subdue another similar accident. With such information, the jury might find them responsible for your injuries and subsequent losses.

However, piecing together such evidence is not an easy task. You will have to contend with working for long hours, incurring expenses, and possibly inadvertently destroying your case in the process. A slip and fall case can be a risky and detrimental affair. For this reason, you may require the services of a seasoned Sugar Land slip and fall lawyer to take this burden off your shoulders. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you call a Sugar Land attorney immediately after the slip and fall accident occurs.

What Role Will a Sugar Land Slip and Fall Lawyer Play in Your Pursuit of Justice?

Evidence is the primary backbone of any successful civil litigation. What’s more, the evidence must be carefully examined, prepared and duly presented before the judge or jury. Failure to convince the judge that the evidence tabled before the court is reliable can lead to a dismissed lawsuit. Therefore, you must not only engage a fully dedicated attorney, but a seasoned Sugar Land slip and fall lawyer.

He or she will invoke their experience to ensure that justice prevails. Our Sugar Land slip and fall lawyers will prove before court that the property owner is 100 percent responsible for your injuries because:

The property owner was aware of the existence of a slip and fall hazard such as oil spills, unsafe stairs or loose objects, but never made required safety adjustments.

The property owner did not carry out regular maintenance services for their property as required by law.
By virtue of being property owners, any hazard within their premises was directly their responsibility.

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents In Sugar Land

A slip and fall accident can happen due to many reasons. Below are the most common causes:

uneven steps sign

Wet and Uneven Surfaces

Researchers from bodies such as the National Floor Safety Institute indicate that a staggering 50 % of all slip and fall incidences reported are as a result of wet floor and uneven surfaces. These uneven surfaces arise from poor construction of floors, loose carpeting or cluttered floors.

Bad Weather

While weather conditions are naturally way out of human control, their results can be controlled by man. Therefore, any spillages due to heavy rains or snow should be immediately cleared to avoid a slip and fall lawsuit.

Wrong Footwear

Statistics from the National Floor Safety Institute’s database indicates that nearly a quarter of all slip and fall accidents are due to improper footwear. It is recommended that you wear the appropriate shoes when running on an errand.

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