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nursing home aid Older generations took care of us in the past, and now it is our turn to take care of them. Human rights watch groups estimate that close to 500,000 adults over the age of 60 are either neglected or abused each year while under the care of nursing home employees. These reported numbers might be a fraction of what millions of patients go through when subjected to a negligent nursing home, as the majority of such cases go unreported. Sugar Land nursing home abuse lawyers fight for justice on behalf of the most vulnerable population.

It could be a family member or family friend, but no matter the severity of the abuse they’ve endured, they are entitled to civil justice from their nursing home. While you have the opportunity to file a claim by yourself, it is advisable that you engage and consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who could handle a nursing home abuse lawsuit. This enables you to have a smooth litigation process without the fear of being manipulated by larger corporate entities. Our Sugar Land nursing home abuse lawyers are known for their expertise and dedication to seeking justice for victims of mistreatment.

What is Nursing Home Abuse?

Abuse often refers to the infliction of pain, agony, or injury to another person. This may be intentional or neglectful. Nursing home abuse refers to the intentional or negligent infliction of mental or physical pain to patients under their care. Residents could have disabilities or medications that require specialized attention. In most cases, people over 60 years of age are often placed in nursing homes where they or their families cannot take adequate care of them.

The elderly have a wide array of needs that require the utmost attention. However, nursing home staff may be untrained or reluctant in offering such specialized help. For example, the staff may fail to feed residents, clean them properly, or administer medications on time. The provision of these services is paid by the revenue the facility receives from residents or their families. The failure to provide the services is not only a violation of the agreement with their residents, it is a serious ethical problem that affects vulnerable people. Our Sugar Land nursing home abuse attorneys could help you recover these lost costs by filing a claim for compensation.

Signs of Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

The question of how to detect the abuse of a loved one is a common one. While not all forms of abuse will be evident through scars or bruises, it is worth noting that the majority of them can be discovered by having detailed conversations with residents.

Physical Signs

Physical injuries are the most common in all reported cases of nursing home abuse. They are also the easiest to discover. Injuries sustained on the body make abuse by nursing home staff much easier to detect and report. Some of the physical injuries to watch out for are bruises, scars, burns, or any unusual sores or marks that may need medical attention.

If your loved one requires medical treatment, it is imperative to get them to a qualified healthcare professional. Otherwise, your loved one’s health may be at risk. If the nursing home’s abuse has caused or contributed to their injuries, our Sugar Land lawyers may be able to help. We can file a claim for past and future medical damages that were caused by the nursing home’s neglect or abuse.

Emotional Signs

Not all elderly people under the care of Sugar Land nursing homes suffer from physical abuse. Some are subjected to emotional abuse, which may be detected through drastic changes in moods and personality, a sudden fear of social interaction, withdrawal from hobbies, refusal to meet family members, or a general dislike for nursing home staff. These emotional signs may be easily attributed to a resident’s personality or mental health, so it’s advisable to inquire further about the care the resident receives.

General Neglect

While your loved one may not undergo emotional and physical abuse, they may find themselves being neglected by those entrusted with taking care of them. In cases of neglect, residents may be deprived of basic social amenities such as food, medicine, shelter, and clothing by a staff member. If you notice a sudden loss of body weight or malnutrition, you should look into the potential cause.

Liability in a Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit

nursing home

In any case, the first entity to be held responsible is the nursing home. From there, investigations may reveal the specific staff members who may also be personally liable. Some things that could subject a nursing home to an abuse lawsuit include:

  • Errors in administering medication
  • Negligent staff
  • Lack of proper training
  • Lack of proper supervision
  • Understaffing
  • Breach of standard patient care procedures

Call an Attorney to Discuss Nursing Home Abuse in Sugar Land

If your family friend or loved one has been subjected to abuse while under the care of a Sugar Land nursing home, we highly recommend consulting with an attorney. We understand the pain and agony you may be going through. However, while we cannot fit perfectly in your shoes, we can serve your needs by holding the proper parties accountable.

We could help file a claim against the nursing home at fault and establish the legal framework through which the responsible parties will need to make up for the damage they have caused. Your loved ones deserve the best care. Contact our Sugar Land nursing home abuse lawyers today for a free consultation.

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