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dogIf you or your loved ones have been involved in an animal attack incident such as a dog bite, contacting a Sugar Land dog bite lawyer will help you recover losses incurred. By contacting an accident attorney, you will have access to a professional legal team as well as access to quality medical professionals to treat your injuries sustained. The specifics of your attack are important, but your health should be the top concern.

Based on the circumstances that led to your dog bite injuries, you may have ample opportunity to file a claim against the dog owners or those who possessed the dog at the time of the attack. As such, a Sugar Land dog bite lawyer will be the best asset to properly present your case before the jury. However, the litigation process—for a dog bite case or any other accident involving injury—is not as easy as it may seem. Many victims fail to properly keep evidence or file the appropriate documents with the court on time.

For this reason, many Sugar Land families need a lawyer who perfectly understands and resonates well with dog bite victims. This can go a long way in creating a mutual sense of trust, which is helpful for the success of any litigation.

Filing a Dog Bite Injury Claim

As we mentioned, dog attacks can be disastrous to both the physical and psychological well-being of the victim. With over 4.5 million cases of dog bite attacks reported annually all over the world, understanding the local dog bite laws is recommended. In case of a dog bite attack, you will be able to follow the due process in holding the dog owners or possessors accountable for your injuries.

While the local laws provide a window for the victim to file a lawsuit against a dog owner, it is often advised to seek the legal services of a Sugar Land dog bite lawyer. This is because proving the authenticity of your medical records—in addition to taking the Defendant’s deposition and presenting your case to a judge or jury—can be exhausting and costly. With an attorney, you are kept a step ahead of the defense counsel, while also giving you an opportunity to concentrate on the medical attention for the injuries you’ve sustained.

Proving Fault in a Sugar Land Dog Bite Attack

For an injured dog bite victim to receive compensation, their lawyer must clearly prove that the dog owner was primarily responsible. If proven, the same reasons would be used against a dog owner whose dog knocked someone over to the ground leading to physical injuries. Our experienced Sugar Land dog bite lawyer will prove the four basic elements of responsibility which are:

  • Duty of care
  • Breach of duty
  • Causation
  • Damages

A breach of duty occurs when a dog owner invites you to their premises, but fails to control the animal. As a result of their negligence, the dog attacks you, leading to serious injuries. If this is the case, the dog owner is obligated to make up for the damages their negligence has caused. However, if you intruded into the dog owners’s premises, or you were not invited, your case may be more difficult to prove in court. To help you understand your eligibility, get in touch with a Sugar land dog bite lawyer today.

We Care About You

As part of our plan to guarantee a positive outcome of your case, our Sugar Land dog bite lawyers have experienced litigation skills that will help in evaluating and determining whether your claim will stand in the court of law. Should this be the case, our attorneys may use a dog bite expert to help strengthen your lawsuit to the jury. This expert may be a veterinarian or a doctor. Expert witnesses will help convince the jury that your injuries were serious and that the dog owners must make up for the harm caused.

Our Sugar Land dog bite lawyers always have your best interests at heart. We are dedicated to having you rightfully compensated for the damages you have sustained.

Consult a Sugar Land Dog Bite Attorney Today

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Pets provide a lot to their owners in companionship and love. However, some animals can be dangerous if left unattended. It is therefore the moral and legal duty of pet owners to ensure the safety of others by taking good care of their dogs. Failure to do so can lead to dog bite attacks, which can be devastating to the victims.

If you have been involved in an animal attack incident, a Sugar Land dog bite lawyer could help you recover medical costs by filing a lawsuit against the dog owners. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation with our experienced team of lawyers.

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I Appreciate Lone Star Injury Attorneys!
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