Cost of a Sugar Land Personal Injury Attorney

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Being involved in a personal injury accident can bring about unexpected responsibilities. For instance, you may find yourself facing significant medical bills, especially if you lack medical insurance coverage. Moreover, certain injuries may impair your ability to perform daily activities, leading to a loss of income. Consequently, you may become reliant on the support of friends and loved ones for basic necessities. However, enlisting the assistance of a personal injury lawyer can help you recover damages.

A Sugar Land personal injury attorney with a proven track record in civil litigation is an invaluable asset in your pursuit of financial freedom. They will gather, assess, and present compelling evidence against the defendant in court. Prior to that, they will strive to negotiate your claim with the insurance adjuster to obtain compensation without going to trial. Contrary to popular belief, seeking the services of a personal injury lawyer does not require any upfront payment. We comprehend the financial challenges associated with seeking medical treatment for your injuries, and we are committed to helping you navigate this process.

How Will I Pay My Sugar Land Personal Injury Lawyer?

You do not need to pay your lawyer fees upfront to have your case worked on. The most important thing is to have your case addressed immediately to avoid filing too late or missing crucial evidence. Throughout your representation, your local personal injury lawyer will cover all legal costs until your case is either settled or won at trial.

Personal injury lawyers typically operate on a contingency fee basis. This means that they do not receive any payment unless or until the plaintiff receives compensation from the defendant or their insurance company. In most cases, the contingency fee is a percentage of the gross settlement amount. If your case is resolved quickly and without the need for litigation, the attorney’s fees are generally lower. Importantly, if your case is unsuccessful or no compensation is awarded, you will not receive a bill from the law firm.

While the contingency fee basis is typically straightforward, there may be variations depending on the law firm. These variations include:

Sliding-Scale Contingency Basis

The sliding-scale contingency arrangement is commonly used by attorneys, including Lone Star Injury Attorneys. In this scenario, the percentage owed to the lawyer will vary based on the stage of the case and the amount of work required for its resolution. For instance, if your case is settled through negotiations without filing a lawsuit, the law firm may receive 35% of the gross settlement amount. However, if the case needs to be filed in court, the percentage may increase to 40%. If your case proceeds to trial, the law firm may receive 45%. The specific percentages may vary depending on the law firm and jurisdiction, but most Sugar Land personal injury lawyers charge similar rates.

Contingency Hourly Basis

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This is similar to the contingency fee basis, where the lawyer is not paid unless they win the case for the plaintiff. However, the variation in costs is based on the amount of recorded time spent working on the case. This means that the longer your case takes, the higher the amount you will pay to the lawyer. But, as with all contingency fee cases, the lawyer is only paid after you recover damages from the defendant.

Benefits of Hiring a Sugar Land Personal Injury Attorney

There are numerous benefits to working with an attorney in your personal injury case. Since you don’t need to pay upfront legal fees, there are compelling reasons to retain a Sugar Land personal injury attorney. Some of the critical roles of a lawyer include:

  • Determining fault
  • Handling insurance companies
  • Valuing your claim
  • Gathering evidence to support your case
  • Negotiating a settlement with insurance adjusters
  • Representing you at trial

Most importantly, your personal injury attorney will ensure you have the peace of mind needed to focus on recovery while they fight for your rights.

There is No Cost to Get Your Personal Injury Case Started

We have assisted countless victims in recovering damages from the parties responsible for their injuries. We understand that your finances may be limited while you are seeking medical care. That’s why Lone Star Injury Attorneys operates on a contingency fee agreement. Our personal injury lawyers in Sugar Land will handle your case and will not receive any payment until we settle your case. Don’t let your financial situation prevent you from seeking justice for your injuries. Contact our legal team today to learn more about our contingency fee structure for your case.

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