Cost of a Sugar Land Personal Injury Attorney

credit cardsBeing involved in a personal injury accident comes with many unforeseen responsibilities. For example, you will likely be responsible for paying large medical bills, especially if you don’t have medical insurance coverage. And given that some injuries may leave you incapacitated to carry out your daily activities, your source of income may be affected. As a result, you may end up being dependent on your friends and loved ones for basic support. However, having a personal injury lawyer may help you recover your damages.

A Sugar Land personal injury attorney with a proven record of litigating civil cases is the most valuable asset you can have in your quest for financial freedom. He or she will collect, assess, and produce valuable evidence against the defendant in a court of law. But before that, he or she will attempt to negotiate your claim with the insurance adjuster to recover your damages without going to trial. Contrary to a popular belief, it does not cost any money to receive the services of a personal injury lawyer. We understand the financial problems that come with seeking treatment for your injuries. For this reason, we have an agenda in place to help you.

How Will I Pay My Sugar Land Personal Injury Lawyer?

You do not need to pay your lawyer fees upfront to have your case worked on. The most important thing is to have your case worked on immediately to avoid a scenario where you file your case too late, or where crucial pieces of evidence cannot be obtained. From the beginning of your representation, your local personal injury lawyer will incur all legal costs until your case is either resolved via settlement or won in trial.

Personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means that they do not receive any payment unless or until the plaintiff receives money from the defendant (or his/her insurance company). In most cases, this contingency fee basis is based on a percentage of the gross settlement amount. If your case is resolved quickly and without the need for litigation, the attorney’s fees will often be less. Most importantly, if for some reason your case is unsuccessful or no money is awarded, you will never receive a bill from the law firm.

The contingency fee basis is often straightforward, but there are variations depending on the law firm. These variations include:

Sliding-Scale Contingency Basis

The sliding scale contingency arrangement is what most attorneys use, including Lone Star Injury Attorneys. In this case, the percentage owed to the accident lawyer will vary depending on the stage of the case and how much work is required to resolve your case. For example, if your case is settled through negotiations without the need to file your case in court, the law firm may receive 35% of the gross settlement amount. But should the case need to be filed in court, the law firm may receive 40% of the gross settlement amount. If your case goes through trial, then the law firm may receive 45%. These numbers may vary depending on the law firm and the jurisdiction that you’re in, but most Sugar Land personal injury lawyers charge similar rates.

Contingency Hourly Basis

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This is similar to the contingency fee basis. The lawyer does not get paid unless they win the case for the plaintiff. However, the variation in costs is based on the amount of recorded time spent working on the case. This means that the more time your case takes, the higher the amount you will pay to the lawyer. But as with all contingency fee cases, the lawyer is only paid after you recover damages from the defendant.

There is No Cost to Get Your Personal Injury Case Started

We have helped hundreds of victims recover damages from the parties responsible for their injuries. We understand that your finances may be constrained while you are seeking medical care. This is why Lone Star Injury Attorneys works on a contingency fee agreement. Our personal injury lawyers in Sugar Land will work on your case and will not receive a penny until we settle your case. Don’t let your financial status lock you out of seeking justice for your injuries. Talk to our legal team today and get to understand our contingency fee structure for your case.

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