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Many of the injuries inflicted as a result of someone’s negligence or recklessness are serious, and they often require ongoing or long-term medical care for both psychological and physical damage. Unfortunately, many realize that it will take an extended period for these injuries to clear up, and in the meantime, they will drain your finances, affect your ability to work, and even cause you distress and pain.

Issues such as extensive brain damage, bone fractures, burns, and paralysis can lead to long-term or life-long suffering. Therefore, it is essential to contact a Rosenberg personal injury lawyer for necessary help if you have suffered losses because of someone’s dangerous actions, carelessness, or recklessness. Call our injury attorneys today to learn more or get started.

Personal Injury Claims in Our Area

There are several circumstances in Rosenberg that can cause debilitating injuries to any member of the public. Motorists driving at high speeds can cause collisions leading to devastating injuries to their passengers and drivers of other vehicles.

Mostly, the claims for motor vehicle accidents are not easy to handle because of the insurance companies, who limit their potential economic exposure by offering low settlement amounts to the injured victims. Some of the personal injury cases in our area include:

Comparative Negligence in Rosenberg and Lawsuit Limitations

Comparative negligence is a doctrine governing personal injury claims in Rosenberg and all of Texas. As per this doctrine, the claimant is prohibited from receiving compensation from a negligent person if he or she contributed 50 percent or more fault to the incident.

Mostly, the insurance companies will utilize the comparative negligence rule to force a lesser settlement value onto the injured party. The insurance adjusters will argue that you were at least 50 percent responsible for the incident. However, a qualified attorney can play an essential role in this case by helping the claimant in reaching the most favorable legal settlement value.

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A personal injury is a stressful event that can end up causing financial strain as well as physical and emotional pain, long-term suffering, and permanent impairment. Therefore, if you’re healing injuries as a result of someone’s recklessness, negligence, or carelessness, make the first step of calling our offices today to speak to a qualified Rosenberg personal injury lawyer to get the necessary assistance.

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