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lawyer signing contract If you’ve been injured in an accident in Baytown, you may be wondering what your next course of action should be. Immediately after an accident, you may receive a lot of paperwork from your insurance company or that of the party at fault. You will be asked to fill forms, provide testimony, make recorded statements, and provide proof of your damages. For many injured by the negligence of others, these are not things you’d want to do on your own.

The amount of resources and time consumed when filing a personal injury case for compensation may disrupt the normal and daily routine of the injured victim. If injuries are involved, your primary focus will be to seek medical evaluation and follow up with your doctor’s treatment plan. Sadly, this can’t happen if you have to prepare your case and attend court sessions on your own. Fortunately, a Baytown personal injury lawyer can help.

At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we understand how confusing and tiring the legal process can be for a personal injury case. For the average injured party representing themself, litigating a case often ends in futility. Apart from filing a case past the statute of limitations, accident victims may fail to meet other key legal requirements when filing their case, losing their rights to compensation in the process. What’s even worse, engaging your insurance company without proper legal representation makes it possible for the insurance adjuster to take advantage of your lack of knowledge of the personal injury process. They may give you a low offer or fail to compensate you altogether.

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Hire a Baytown Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Case

Personal injury lawyers play a critical role in cases where the defendant is deemed to have been negligent or careless in his or her actions. Many people litigate these cases on their own, downplaying the importance of hiring an attorney. Before filing your case, it’s imperative that you understand the invaluable strategy that a Baytown personal injury lawyer provides. The following are some of the most important reasons why you should retain an accident attorney in Baytown.

An Attorney Knows the Ins and Outs of Your Case

As expected, personal injury cases involving property damages, death, or injuries are complex. As such, they must be proven with tangible evidence, both of how the accident happened and how bad the injuries are. If not well litigated, you may lose your case due to legal technicalities or errors when filing the necessary paperwork. You can save yourself from the hustle of meeting all these legal requirements by hiring a seasoned personal injury lawyer.

An Accident Lawyer Will Advocate for Your Legal Rights and Interests

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A major reason why personal injury cases are filed is to recover proper compensation for the injured party. Sadly, not everyone recovers these damages, even after filing a case in court or through negotiations with the insurance companies. For far too long now, insurance companies may prolong the compensation process, even when cases seem straightforward. The initial settlement offer made to victims is usually never a true reflection of the actual value that you deserve. Therefore, you need an aggressive party to hold insurance companies responsible for the aftermath of your accident. You don’t need to throw away money you rightfully deserve just because the legal process is unfamiliar to you.

An Attorney Will Help Evaluate and Value Your Damages

Having an experienced injury attorney in Baytown is very crucial when determining the actual extent of your damages. To successfully recover a settlement, you need to show, with proof, that you suffered economic and non-economic damages as a result of the defendant’s negligence. Our attorneys often hire financial experts to help evaluate the extent and value of damages suffered. This allows you to file a claim for past, current, and future expenses, including potential medical bills, related to your accident.

Helping you Recover Maximum Compensation

Before filing a compensatory claim, you must have an idea of the amount of compensation you want. Normally, many personal injury victims file a lawsuit expecting to recover the actual value of damages suffered. While personal injury lawsuits are meant to cover the exact amount of damages suffered, many settlements occur for less than full justice. For you to recover maximum compensation in your injury case, you will need an attorney with a proven track record in negotiating with insurance companies.

We Will Offer you Peace of Mind

When you hire a dedicated lawyer from Lone Star Injury Attorneys, you can rest assured that your case will be worked on prudently and efficiently with or without your physical presence. What you desperately need after an accident is the assurance that everything’s going to be alright. You can get this peace of mind when you let our attorneys fight for you.

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If you or a loved one was injured in an accident, our Baytown personal injury lawyers can help fight for your legal rights. Regardless of where or how the accident occurred, you will need expert legal advice on the best course of action, even if that means not hiring a lawyer. Contact us today for a free consultation on your case.

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