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Parking lots can be very busy, especially during rush hours and holiday seasons. Every driver is looking for an ample spot to park their vehicle. Others are hurriedly driving out without much concern about other motorists, pedestrians, and motorcycle riders. Pedestrians too are trying to get in and out of stores in a rush, forgetting that auto wrecks can cause permanent injuries, even at low speeds. With all this chaos and activity in one area, there is always a possibility of getting injured or killed in a parking lot accident. For this reason, it is imperative that you understand what to do in case you or your loved ones suffer harm in a parking lot accident.

According to the National Highway Transport Safety Authority, at least 20% of auto accidents recorded in the United States every year occur in parking lots. Admittedly, almost all parking lot accidents happen at low speeds. The good news about parking lot crashes involving two or more vehicles is that the damages are often not life-threatening. But when a pedestrian is involved, the likelihood of suffering serious harm triples.

Additionally, there are other types of accidents likely to happen in parking lots apart from vehicle collisions. Even so, liability often involves the same parties. Therefore, you should never have to deal with frivolous defenses of the insurance companies alone.  Our Baytown parking lot accident lawyers can help you navigate through the complex legal process. The skilled personal injury attorneys at our firm have handled many of these types of cases.

Common Liability Accidents in Baytown Parking Lots

Auto wrecks are the most common form of parking lot accidents. There are other ways that you can suffer harm while in stores. Common liability accidents likely to result in injuries include slip and falls, crimes, and pedestrian accidents.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Most parking lots are found in the basement of buildings or supermarkets. This makes it impossible for natural light to penetrate through. As a result, shoppers become prone to slip and fall accidents resulting from wet and cluttered floors, uneven surfaces, or even defective shopping carts. And while not all slip and fall accidents are catastrophic, it is always in your best interests to seek medical evaluation, especially when you feel something is not right with your body. You may have suffered an injury that requires medical evaluation.

Parking Lot Crimes

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Due to the secluded nature of many parking lots, they are often breeding grounds for criminal activities. Shoppers may be robbed on their way in and out of stores, and property may be stolen from parked vehicles. And while liability may seem to be on the perpetrators of these vices only, the property owners are responsible for the safety of everyone within their premises. They must ensure that their basements are well lit and fitted with security cameras to prevent foreseeable crime and injury. If you were robbed or injured in a parking lot, you may file a claim against the property owner for negligence.

Pedestrian Accidents

You don’t have to be on a busy highway for a pedestrian accident to happen. Places with slow-moving vehicles like parking lots can also be unsafe for you. Our parking lot accident attorneys in Baytown have represented injured victims in lawsuits against drivers and motorists who negligent hit pedestrians in parking lot accidents. Distracted driving is among the leading causes of pedestrian accidents in parking lots. However, it’s not always the driver who is at fault for such crashes. Pedestrians may contribute to their own injuries by use of cell phones, or by not taking reasonable precautions to avoid the vehicles in the lot. Even so, they still qualify for compensation. Our legal team can explain more about comparative negligence during your consultation.

Serious Injuries Require Legal Action

We often come across victims asking whether they should pursue legal action against the parties responsible for their injuries and property damages. To answer the obvious question of whether you should file a lawsuit for compensation in a parking lot accident, you should always consult with an attorney first, especially when injuries suffered are severe. Minor harm such as bruises and cuts that require no medical treatment may not require legal action. But if you have injured your spine, suffered head injuries, or broken bones in the parking lot accident, you may benefit from speaking to our skilled lawyers about the best way forward.

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If you were involved in a parking lot accident, you should take the same steps as you would in any other type of crash. This includes speaking to an attorney. Our Baytown parking lot accident lawyers have experience helping victims with the often difficult realm of parking lot accident laws. Call us for a free consultation today.

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