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Baytown is a highly industrialized city and serves as a major center for construction developments. With activities ranging from oil to chemical plants, there is constant bustling. Additionally, numerous road construction projects are underway to support the existing infrastructure. While these developments create job opportunities for Baytown residents, unfortunately, construction sites can pose dangers to both workers and passersby. In the event of a construction site accident, workers or individuals in the vicinity may suffer severe injuries that permanently impact their lives.

Although most construction site workers are protected by workers’ compensation through their employers, this often falls short of covering the losses incurred by injured individuals. In cases where the employer lacks workers’ compensation coverage, the employee maintains the legal right to pursue a personal injury claim against their employer. Regrettably, passersby or other parties not employed at the site are not covered by workers’ compensation. Consequently, when an accident occurs, the injured party must bear the burden of their medical expenses and other damages. While minor injuries may be manageable, serious harm such as head injuries necessitates an alternative financial source to sustain one’s livelihood. This is where a Baytown construction accident lawyer becomes crucial.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a construction site accident due to another party’s negligence, you may be eligible for monetary compensation. An experienced attorney can assist you in preparing a compelling case against the responsible party for settlement. Personal injury cases often reach a settlement during negotiations with insurance companies, but this does not preclude the possibility of going to trial. If you firmly believe that there was employer or employee negligence involved in the accident that caused your injuries, it is essential to contact a Baytown personal injury lawyer from Lone Star Injury Attorneys as soon as possible.

When to Sue for a Construction Accident Injury

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A construction accident can have fatal consequences, but fortunately, not all accidents result in significant harm to the victims. Similarly, not every injury warrants a legal claims process. When deciding to file a construction injury case in Baytown, it is important to note that specific scenarios call for victims to pursue a claim. These circumstances include the following:

Injuries Requiring Medical Treatment

Construction accident victims have the right to file a claim at any time. However, before doing so, it is important to consider the potential outcome of your case. For instance, if you slipped and fell, resulting in minor injuries such as bruising your arm or injuring your toes, you can still file a claim. However, without documentation of medical treatment, it may be challenging to prove your claim. On the other hand, if you have suffered head injuries, broken bones, spinal injuries, or significant property damage in a construction site accident, you may have strong grounds to seek compensation with the assistance of a lawyer.

Fatal Construction Site Accidents

If a family member has tragically lost their life in a construction site accident in Baytown, you have every reason to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. Through this legal process, you can seek damages that the deceased would have been entitled to if they had survived the accident. You can also seek compensation for the losses suffered by the deceased’s family due to the loss of their loved one. For example, if the deceased’s children are unable to attend school due to a lack of funds, you can seek damages to ensure they can continue to enjoy the privileges they had when the deceased was alive. Spouses may also file for loss of consortium, seeking compensation for the loss of companionship following the passing of the deceased.

Absence of Workers’ Compensation Insurance

As mentioned earlier, construction workers are typically protected by their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. When an accident occurs, they are usually eligible for workers’ compensation benefits as long as they were injured while on the job, regardless of liability. However, some employers choose to opt out of full workers’ compensation coverage. In such cases, it is important to seek legal advice from a skilled lawyer familiar with construction accidents to determine the best course of action.

Liability in a Baytown Construction Site Accident Case

Unlike workers’ compensation, where liability is not a concern, the justice system for personal injury cases is based on negligence. You and your Baytown attorney must establish liability before pursuing a construction injury claim. Any of the following parties may be held liable for a construction accident:

  • Your employer
  • Premises owners
  • Construction companies
  • Manufacturers of defective tools and equipment
  • Drivers of on-site vehicles
  • Other workers

Unfortunately, 4,764 construction workers died on the job in 2020 according to the Occupational Safety  and Health Administration. Our seasoned Baytown construction accident attorneys can help identify the parties likely to have been at fault for your accident and injuries.

Injured in a Baytown Construction Accident? Our Attorneys Can Help

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Liability in construction accidents is typically determined by identifying the specific cause of the incident. As seasoned attorneys, we engage experts to assist in establishing the circumstances surrounding your accident. This enables us to hold the responsible party accountable for the harm caused. Our Baytown construction accident lawyers possess extensive experience in handling such cases and are well-versed in navigating the complex legal requirements associated with personal injury lawsuits. To explore your legal options and assess their viability, contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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