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car accidentAccidents happen every day across the world. And while it only takes a second for a crash to occur, the ripple effects can be felt by the injured victims for a long time. Even if one is lucky to escape physically unhurt, there’s still the possibility of suffering psychological harm as is the case with Post-Traumatic Disorders. The victim may require psychological therapy to treat some of these conditions.

If you suffered harm or had your properties damaged in a Baytown car accident, you may qualify for compensation. Fortunately, car accident victims retain the right to compensation when their injuries or harm is caused by negligence or recklessness of another party. But for your case to be successful, you must prove that more likely than not, the accident that caused your injury was caused by the negligence of another driver.

Filing a car accident case can be challenging for many. If you haven’t experienced a similar case before, you may fail to meet the numerous and complex legal requirements needed when filing a claim. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult with a seasoned Baytown car accident lawyer to help you with your case. Generally, accident attorneys are experienced in representing the injured and negotiating with insurance companies for settlement before going to court.

When Should I Hire a Baytown Car Accident Lawyer?

Normally, we recommend that car accident victims contact an attorney as soon as possible. In fact, you should call your lawyer immediately when you’re involved in a crash. Remember, the success of your lawsuit is also dependent on how fast your attorney works on your case. By contacting a lawyer immediately after a collision, you allow them an opportunity to investigate the crash before the scene is cleared. Here, they get to talk to eyewitnesses, hire expert witnesses such as car accident reconstructionists, and collect evidence, as well as record the contact information of all parties involved, including the police officer.

Establishing fault in a car accident with multiple impacts can be difficult. Even in a scenario where a pedestrian is hit, and the fault is evidently on the driver, you may still need an attorney for your case. The Defendant’s insurance company may argue that you contributed to your injuries through your actions or inactions, which allows them to partially of fully deny your claim for compensation. An attorney in Baytown can help you recover damages, even when you were partly at fault for the accident.

Again, you may not be in the best position to determine the perfect legal strategy for your case. Not all car accident cases go to trial. Most of them are settled during negotiations with insurance companies. However, this does not always mean that your best option is to settle. There are instances where insurance companies act in bad faith and undervalue your injuries, necessitating the need for an aggressive lawyer in court.

Therefore, you may need an attorney immediately after a crash. But generally, you should consider retaining one in any of the following scenarios:

  • When the fault is contested
  • When you’re severely or permanently injured in a car accident
  • When someone is killed in a car crash
  • When the car accident involves Uber or any other taxi operator
  • When the car accident involves a truck

Who will be Held Liable in an Auto Collision Lawsuit?

Liability in any personal injury case is normally based on acts of negligence. If you sufficiently prove that the defendant was negligent in any of his or her actions or inactions, he or she will be held liable for your injuries and damages. To establish fault, you must, first of all, determine the actual cause of the car accident where you were injured. Some of these causes include:

  • Drunk driving
  • Poor weather conditions
  • Vehicle defects
  • Poor road conditions
  • Speeding
  • Careless driving
  • Poor driver training
  • Driver fatigue

From the above causes, any of the following parties may be held liable for your damages:

  • Car driver
  • Local state agencies
  • Road construction companies
  • Car owner
  • Trucking company
  • Car manufacturer
  • Other road users such as motorcyclists and pedestrians

A skilled attorney can help you determine who is liable for your vehicle collision.

How Long Will My Case Take to Settle?

There’s no specific time within which car accident cases are settled. However, there’s a legal timeframe in which your case must be filed with the court. In most cases, you have up to 2 years to file a formal lawsuit for compensation. If this period lapses, you may lose your legal rights to compensation altogether.

Car accidents take months or even years to settle depending on the severity of injuries, other damages caused, or the responsiveness of the insurance company. For example, a car accident case involving wrongful death may take longer to settle compared to one where the victims escape mostly unhurt. Consider meeting with a lawyer to discuss the potential length of your auto accident claim.

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