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Baytown residents visit supermarkets often without giving much thought to the risk of suffering harm from a fall while shopping. While pushing a shopping card or picking goods from supermarket shelves, you are probably not aware that the same places that provide essential goods can also cause you harm. Every day, someone is injured in a supermarket accident in Baytown. Unfortunately, most shoppers who sustain injuries in supermarkets are not aware that they can file a claim for compensation. As a result, they lose top dollar settlements that would have otherwise helped them a great deal financially.

If you suffer an injury in a supermarket, you may wonder who is at fault. In this case, you may find it difficult to pursue a legal claim without the proper resources. Fortunately, a Baytown supermarket injury lawyer can help you establish whether you have a legal ground to file a lawsuit for compensation. With the experience from handling similar cases before, your skilled personal injury attorney will investigate your case and may negotiate with the Defendant and their insurance company.  If these negotiations fail, he or she will provide evidence to the jury or judge for consideration.

Are Shoppers Legally Protected Against Harm While in Supermarkets?

When deciding whether to file a lawsuit, many supermarket accident victims find it difficult to understand their legal rights. This often makes them give up on the pursuit of justice. But fortunately, Baytown and Texas laws protect people like you. If you were injured in an accident caused by the negligence of another party, you have the legal grounds to bring your case forward.

For example, the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) body protects consumers from dangerous, low-quality, or poisonous foods. This means that anyone who suffers food poisoning by consuming groceries or food items bought from a supermarket can file a claim for settlement against the negligent parties. Talk to a knowledgeable injury attorney about your rights when shopping at a grocery store.

Common Accidents in Baytown Grocery Stores

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You don’t need to consume expired foodstuffs from a supermarket for you to suffer harm. There are several ways that shoppers can sustain injuries while shopping. And most notably, many of these accidents are preventable. They include slip and fall accidents, electrical faults, parking lot accidents, and falling objects.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slips and falls are very common in areas with high foot traffic. Supermarkets are among the most commonly trafficked places in Baytown. The lack of attention to floor hazards by grocery store employees makes it possible for one to slip and fall. Another customer may spill liquid on the ground and you may slip on the wet surface. While most slip and fall accidents are minor, the damages in some of them can be catastrophic.

Electrical Faults

Supermarkets house different types of electrical devices. Furthermore, some of the goods stored here require electricity for safe storage. For example, refrigerators used to preserve foodstuffs can have electrical malfunctions, causing burn injuries to shoppers. Additionally, a faulty electrical device can cause great harm to children or adults.

Parking Lot Accidents

Almost all supermarkets in Baytown have a parking lot, either within the building or outside. Every driver who pulls in wants a good spot for their vehicle. In the end, the parking lot traffic may create confusion and disorder, posing a great risk to pedestrians, children, and the elderly. Sadly, parking lot accidents can be dangerous, especially when they are between a motorist and a pedestrian.

Injuries from Falling Objects

Like in a construction site, supermarket visitors are prone to harm caused by falling objects. Traumatic brain injuries are the most common more so when the head suffers the brunt of heavy falling objects.

Other scenarios where you are likely to sustain a supermarket injury include:

  • Accidents caused by poorly maintained and defective shopping carts
  • Acts of violence in supermarkets
  • Fire accidents
  • Accidents from faulty exit and entrance doors
  • Accidents from uneven and poorly designed surfaces

No matter what caused your supermarket injury, you should seek help from an experienced lawyer.

Who is Liable for My Supermarket Injury?

When filing a claim for a supermarket injury case, you and your Baytown lawyer must determine liability first. Depending on the cause of your accident, the following parties may be held responsible for your injuries:

It may be possible to sue another shopper if they deliberately and knowingly acted in an unreasonable way that caused you harm. Before leaving the scene, be sure to record the contact information of eyewitnesses as they play a very crucial role in personal injury cases. Also, take photos and videos of your injuries and the scene while you contact a Baytown supermarket injury lawyer.

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