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If you have been injured in a water sports or boating accident due to someone else’s negligence, you may have sufficient grounds to pursue a claim. As the injured party, you have the right to seek monetary compensation for the damages suffered, including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Unfortunately, the multitude of state and federal rules and regulations can make it complex for boat accident victims to navigate the legal process on their own. According to the United States Coast Guard, there were approximately 4,040 boating accidents that resulted in 636 deaths in 2022 across the United States.

At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, our Baytown boat accident lawyers have decades of experience handling cases involving boat accidents. We have successfully assisted injured individuals in Baytown in recovering monetary compensation for their losses. We possess in-depth knowledge of personal injury cases pertaining to boat accidents. Given that even a minor mistake during the filing of your case or negotiations with insurance companies can impact its outcome, we highly recommend consulting our Baytown personal injury attorneys before making any decisions involving the insurance companies regarding the accident.

The Process of Recovering Damages in a Boat Accident Case

The process of recovering damages in a boat accident case typically follows the same procedures as any other personal injury lawsuit. You will need to navigate through the intricate legal requirements involved in filing and sustaining a case. Consequently, it is in your best interest to promptly consult a skilled Baytown boat accident lawyer.

Your attorney will assist you in documenting your case by collecting and preparing evidence and documents to substantiate your claims. Keep in mind that proving a case requires more than just stating that you were injured; you need to demonstrate how the injury occurred. There is no better way to substantiate your injuries than by providing tangible proof in the form of medical records. Medical bills, witness testimonials, insurance policy information, and various other documents related to your accident will play a crucial role in building your case. These documents will help your attorney establish fault and ascertain the full value of your damages.

Additionally, your legal team will independently investigate your case. Unfortunately, many boat accident victims in Baytown rely solely on investigations conducted by the police and their insurance companies. A proficient lawyer will explain the significance of conducting independent investigations into your boat accident. Your attorney will examine camera footage, CCTV footage, and police records to construct a robust case on your behalf.

After preparing your case, your lawyer will engage with the insurance company, negotiating a settlement on your behalf. Going to trial is typically the last resort if negotiations fail. Having calculated the value of your claims, your attorney will strive for a maximum settlement following the initial offer from the defendant’s insurance company. However, if negotiations do not result in full justice, your attorney will proceed to court, presenting your case before a jury or judge to seek resolution.

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Types of Watercraft Collisions Handled by Our Baytown Lawyers

Negligence is often the primary cause of boat accidents in Baytown. Our law firm specializes in handling watercraft accidents, which include:

  • Boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Reckless operation of boats
  • Jet ski accidents
  • Speeding
  • Inexperienced boat operators
  • Incidents caused by adverse weather conditions

Should I Hire a Boat Accident Lawyer for My Case?

Dealing with boat accident claims often requires a comprehensive understanding of admiralty and maritime laws. The various statutes and regulations involved can be challenging for an average individual to grasp. Therefore, your best chance of recovering compensation after a boating accident is to engage an experienced lawyer from a reputable firm. Your attorney will assist you in establishing liability, negotiating with insurance companies, investigating your case, and preparing and presenting crucial legal documents.

Furthermore, your lawyer will ensure that your case is filed within the statute of limitations. Boat accident victims typically have up to two years to file their case from the time of the accident. However, due to the confusion that often follows such incidents, you may fail to initiate legal proceedings within the designated time frame. Therefore, an attorney would prove invaluable, allowing you to focus on receiving necessary medical treatment for your injuries while they work to secure compensation on your behalf.

Our Baytown Boat Accident Lawyers Can Help you Win Your Case

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For years, Lone Star Injury Attorneys has been dedicated to assisting personal injury victims in Baytown and across the United States in obtaining full and just settlements for their injuries. We have been recognized with numerous awards for our diligent work and have earned high ratings from both peers and clients. With our established track record, we can effectively support you in building a strong case against the party accountable for your injuries. We offer free consultations, enabling you to speak directly with one of our top-rated Baytown boat accident lawyers without any charge. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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