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brain model on stand A brain injury is one of the catastrophic events that none wish to come across. Brain injuries can cause death, disability, and different forms of physical harm. Additionally, these injuries can produce permanent cognitive impairment.

A traumatic brain injury (TBI), for example, can cause someone to experience a wide range of short- or long-term emotional, cognitive, physical, and behavioral effects.

Brain injuries have profound consequences, and they require costly and substantial ongoing treatment, therapy, and medical care. Therefore, seeking the help of a Rosenberg brain injury lawyer is an essential step one can make. Our experienced attorneys can play a vital role in investigating the facts surrounding your injury and pursue financial accountability from the negligent party.

Most Common Types Of Brain Injuries

Brain injuries come in two forms: traumatic and non-traumatic. The most apparent causes of traumatic brain injuries are external forces that can either cause an impact-injury or even penetrate the skull.

Mostly, the impact of a brain injury on one’s quality of life depends on the injury’s severity. Additionally, the initial medical treatment following the injury can also limit or exacerbate further complications down the road.

However, brain injuries, be it traumatic or non-traumatic, can result in irreversible damages. And if the injury was caused by the negligence of another person, a local TBI attorney can help you understanding all the legal options available to you.

Causes of Non-Traumatic Brain Injuries

Generally, non-traumatic brain injuries result from internal health complications. Many pulmonary conditions such as the ones responsible for causing blood clots or stroke can result in permanent damage. Otherwise, exposure to hazardous or poisonous substances, oxygen deprivation, tumors, infection, or seizures can lead to a brain injury. However, a non-traumatic brain injury’s long-term results may be the same as those for traumatic brain injuries.

Regardless of the cause of these injuries, if the brain injury resulted from someone’s carelessness or medical negligence, a qualified Rosenberg lawyer can help you with your legal claim.

A Rosenberg Brain Injury Lawyer Can Help You

brain model on table

A qualified Rosenberg brain injury lawyer can represent TBI victims and their families and can provide the necessary information regarding their rights to compensation. Therefore, make the first step of calling our offices today and get to know how our attorney can help in fighting for the compensation you deserve.

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