Damages in a Sugar Land Injury Case

sufferingIf you are involved in a personal injury accident, it is advisable to get in touch with an experienced attorney to seek compensation for your damages.  However, the amount of compensation varies from case to case, as each person’s injuries vary in degree and severity. But even so, there are a number of factors that can give you a clearer picture of the amount you ought to receive. The final amount will be decided by the jury, if your case goes to trial.

A major factor to consider whenever you seek compensation in your personal injury case is the degree and permanency of the injuries you’ve suffered. You should never assume that you are only going to receive compensation for your medical bills. If your medical bills are your only expectation, you may accept less than full justice by not considering the amount of pain and suffering you’ve endured in the past and future. Local law provides that you receive full justice and damages for your Sugar Land injury case.

Understanding Damages in a Personal Injury Claim

Damages in a personal injury case refer to the compensatory losses that you incur. In this case, damages are meant to make you whole again. However, this does not mean that you will regain your losses completely, just that you will be given money to make up for the losses incurred. For example, if you lost your leg in an accident, seeking damages for such a loss may help you acquire a prosthetic leg. However, it does not account for the pain and suffering you’ve experienced, or the difficulty you will have in the future from having a prosthetic leg. For this reason, damages in a personal injury case are meant to make up for the major changes in your life that occurred as a result of the accident. A lawyer in the area can help you understand the purpose of monetary damages.

Types of Damages in a Sugar Land Injury Case

The types of damages in a local injury case vary depending on the events surrounding the accident, Sugar Land’s personal injury laws, and the injuries sustained by the plaintiff. But even so, these types are popular in almost all personal injury cases. They include:

Medical Bills

If you are to undergo testing and treatment for your injuries sustained in an accident, or you are to receive any form of medical care in a nursing home, physical therapy or hospital stay, the party at fault for the incident should foot the bills. Receiving such treatment, especially in cases with severe injuries, may be expensive. And in cases where the plaintiff is left with life-threatening or permanent injuries, the medical bills may grow over the course of the victim’s life.

The medical damages in such a scenario should factor in every single dollar used towards the treatment of injuries suffered, both past and future. Having a nearby personal injury lawyer aids in acquiring and evaluating all documents and reports that prove your injuries and need for treatment.

Pain & Suffering

This type of damage revolves around the feeling of physical pain that the plaintiff goes through as a result of an accident. As much as this damage is subjective and has no economic chart attached to it, your attorney should include this when litigating your case. Juries are required to award compensation if the accident caused pain, and for this reason, insurance companies must consider these damages in their evaluation of your case.  A great number of personal injury victims are not aware of the types of damages they ought to receive, and many do not consider their own pain and suffering. For them, compensation for medical bills and property damage is their only concern.

Lost Wages

Compensation for lost wages is a major aspect whenever a personal injury accident occurs. When you suffer injuries that lock you out of job for some time, your lawyer should include this when arguing your case. He or she can acquire your monthly payslips and missed workdays from your employer. If you are also likely going to miss out of work permanently, you stand a chance to get compensated for this future loss of income.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are often referred to as exemplary damages. These are damages meant to directly punish the defendant for their recklessness or irresponsibility. By doing so, any other party is deterred from doing the same mistake. However, the main aim of these punitive damages is not to award or compensate the plaintiff. Even so, they will be awarded in cases that involve a significant degree of recklessness by the Defendant, beyond more negligence.

Other Damages Available in a Sugar Land Injury Claim


There are many damages that you can seek compensation for in case you are involved in an accident. The complete assessment of these damages is dependent on your case and the experience of your injury lawyer. He or she will help you seek damages for:

  • Loss of Companionship
  • Emotional Distress
  • Loss of Income Earning Capacity
  • Mental Anguish

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