Sexual abuse can be devastating to victims, especially when it takes place at the hands of people they trust for their security such as friends, teachers, mentors, family members, caregivers and many others. Its effects often stay in their lives throughout their lives, causing significant mental anguish. Sexual assault perpetrators must be held accountable for their acts, not just in the criminal justice system, but in the civil justice system as well. While the Fort Bend district attorney handles the criminal matter, the victims may pursue their own civil case against the responsible party. Our Sugar Land sexual abuse victim’s lawyers are aware of the dangers posed to sexual abuse victims, and they have the knowledge and expertise to help the most vulnerable seek justice.

In such cases, proving fault in a court of law may feel overwhelming for the victim. The process of gathering and presenting evidence to a jury requires legal expertise and knowledge of the litigation process. However, with the help of our personal injury lawyers, you will be able to hold the perpetrator accountable, along with any other corporate entity whose negligence allowed the sexual abuse to happen.

Who Can Sue For A Sexual Abuse In Sugar Land?

The law provides room for any person who has been victim to unwanted sexual contact to sue for the damages incurred. On the same note, if the victim is unable to file charges due to incapacity or death, their families can also sue the sexual offenders if:

  • They directly witnessed the sexual assault
  • The sexual assault led to the victim’s death, where the kin may file for a wrongful death lawsuit
  • sexual assault led to loss of intimacy, moral support, or companionship for a spouse

Anyone can help a sexual victim if they have evidence to incriminate the offender. To evaluate whether your sexual abuse lawsuit is sufficient to file a lawsuit, you should consult our offices to speak to a Sugar Land sexual abuse victim lawyer.

Who Are The Most Common Defendants In a Sugar Land Sexual Abuse Lawsuit?

Sadly, sexual abuse may involve a wide array of potential defendants. In these cases, more than one party can be held liable for a sexual assault, especially when an employer allowed the abuse the happen. Some of the most common defendants in the sexual abuse lawsuits include:

Teachers and Schools

The majority of children spend most of their time under the care of their teachers. Occasionally, some teachers use their position of authority to take advantage of these minors. The teachers are normally sued in their individual capacity, and also as employees of the particular school they serve. Whether in public or private institutions, schools are required to diligently evaluate their current teachers and their potential new hires. If evidence suggests that the school should not have hired or retained an abusive teacher, the school may be held liable for their negligence.


Many adults spend over 40 hours per week with other adults in their profession. This often creates a sense of community between co-workers, but some co-workers take this relationship too far. Sexual assault in and outside the office is never appropriate, and those who commit assault should be held accountable. In some cases, the employer’s decisions may have even tacitly encouraged the behavior.

Foster Parents

Foster parents play a huge role in nurturing the lives of the less fortunate in the society. While the majority of them end up becoming good parents to the kids, some foster parents sexually abuse their kids. If you have been a victim of sexual abuse in such a setting, our Sugar Land sexual abuse lawyers will help you file a lawsuit against the perpetrators. If the foster care agency should have foreseen this abuse in their evaluation of the foster care family, they may also be held responsible.

Our Sugar Land Sexual Abuse Lawyer Are Here for You

Whatever the circumstances, sexual abuse on a minor or an adult leaves behind both physical and mental scars that may take a lifetime to heal. In such a case, victims normally suffer severe mental anguish, and may sometimes contemplate taking their own life due to stigmatization and loss of self-esteem. We perfectly understand this trauma, and have counselors in place to take care of your psychological well-being, while we fight for justice through the civil courts system. While this justice may not balance the pain and suffering you have been subjected to, it may go a long way in helping you build your future. Contact our local attorneys today for a free consultation.