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Insurance companies owe a duty of care to their respective insurance premium payers. As such, they are expected to act in good faith by compensating the insured when an accident occurs. But in many cases, insurance companies may fail to meet this expectation, meaning that the insured will either receive a much lower compensation for their claim, receive none at all, or not receive a response to their claim in the proper amount of time. This incidents are often referred as acting in bad faith. If you believe that your insurance company, through their respective adjuster or representative has breached their duty, or interfered with your lawful pursuit of your insurance claim, you should immediately contact our experienced Sugar Land bad faith insurance lawyers today.

It is often expected that your insurer’s adjuster will give you compelling reasons for the award of your compensation, citing the reasons and aspects used to evaluate the worth of your claim. This report should be comprehensive and transparent, leaving no single trace of foul play or dishonesty. Before contacting our bad faith insurance attorneys in Sugar Land, you should, first of all, consider engaging in talks with both parties to evaluate whether the figures were as a result of simple error or intentional, reckless, or negligent abuse of your rights. If you believe that the insurance company is improperly delaying your claim or hiding the truth, it is advisable to hire an attorney in Sugar Land.

Why Should I Hire a Sugar Land Bad Faith Insurance Attorney?

A victim of bad faith insurance can file and litigate a lawsuit against their insurance company on their own, as that the law gives them the ability to do so. However, the defense counsel may take advantage of your unfamiliarity with the law, given that you have no prior experience in these types of claims. However, seeking legal help from experienced and dedicated bad faith attorneys in Sugar Land will serve in your best interests and likely lead to a better result. Furthermore, it has been noted that having a legal team by your side when seeking justice adds weight to your case, and by contacting an attorney, you are assured of being addressed with the seriousness you deserve.

Insurance companies have the resources to overload you with burdensome legal paperwork. They have much more expertise, a legal team, and negotiating ability than their policy holders. The courts are aware of this, and often both both parties to have an out of court settlement. Such instances normally take place when the judge believes that both parties can reach an amicable solution and the case is unfit for trial.

Basic laws dictate that an insurer owes the policyholders the duty of good faith, and in case they subvert this law, the insured must prove the following elements when seeking compensation for damages incurred:

Your Benefits Due in Your Policy Were Withheld

You cannot prove liability if you are unable to show that you had an applicable policy under the insurance company. Consequently, you must also indicate that the insurer denied or unfairly delayed your claim, and as a result, failed to award you with a rightful settlement. Preparing and presenting evidence before the jury can take its toll on you both emotionally and financially, and in the process, you may end up leaving out important documents. Hiring a Sugar Land bad faith insurance lawyer may save you considerable effort and upfront cost of collecting all the paperwork required.

Your Dues under the Policy Were Intentionally Withheld

This is where the services of a bad faith insurance lawyer are more needed. Proving that someone has denied offering you what is legally yours is not just a matter of saying, but showing. And to show it, you require professionalism in the manner with which you articulate your issues, especially when it comes to proving the mental state of the insurance representative (negligent, reckless, or intentional). Here, your Sugar Land bad faith insurance lawyer will show that the defendant violated your rights as a policy holder by failing to pay your dues on time, or failed to carry out proper investigations in a bid to lower the amount offered. Additionally, your attorney will present any evidence showing that the insurance agent acted with intent or recklessness in denying your claim, while the insurance company will argue that it was a clerical error or simple mistake.

How Will a Sugar Land Bad Faith Insurance Attorney Help Me?

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Our attorneys will help evaluate your bad faith insurance claim against your insurer, and work to compel them to act in good faith by compensating you with what you rightfully deserve. Additionally, you may have further statutory damages to claim beyond your normal insurance claim. The insurance company should in no way try to escape their obligation towards you. Contrary to popular belief, a bad faith insurance claim does not only constitute the failure to pay you, but also lack of proper investigations when evaluating the amount of award you receive.

Our Sugar Land bad faith insurance lawyers are aware of how devastating a bad faith insurance lawsuit can be. And for this reason, we will be dedicated to ensuring that you get the greatest compensation for the trouble you have been subjected to. We will work around the clock to investigate and present excellent evidence to prove that your insurance company has acted in bad faith, contrary to Texas laws that regulate insurance policies. Call today.

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