Parking Lot Accidents in Sugar Land

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Parking lot injuries occur frequently. They may be caused by a number of different circumstances such as a slip and fall, physical assaults, or vehicle accidents within the parking lot. Whichever the case, the aftermath might be a visit to the doctor, a day off work, or inability to run personal errands due to the pain you’ve sustained. Additionally, you will be expected to pay for your medical treatment. In many cases the people injured may ignore the legal process and pay for their personal losses themselves instead of consulting with a skilled personal injury attorney. However, it’s important to know when you are able to sue for your parking lot injury, which include:

Parking lot Slips, Trips and Falls

Minor as these may sound, a mere slip, trip and fall in the parking lot can cause severe injuries. In extreme cases, you may sustain a bone or skull fracture or brain injuries. It’s the legal responsibility of the property or business owners to maintain the parking lot condition. Their failure to do so will make them liable for any accidents that occur due to their negligence. In addition to its cleanliness, property owners should ensure proper lighting for their in their parking spaces to prevent injuries, accident, and crime. This liability extends to any parking lot outside the business premises that they are responsible for.


If you are involved in a collision with another car in the parking lot, and it causes damage, you may able to sue for the damages caused. This means you can sue the negligent driver, or if the accident was caused by poor lighting, the property manager. The court proceedings for these matters will be similar to an accident on the road. If the negligence is on the property owner, you will need to send a notice to the owner to preserve any potential evidence (such as video recordings, incident reports, etc.) immediately. In either case, it is advisable to contact a personal injury attorney to see who the potentially liable parties may be.


Property owners are expected to have adequate security within and in close proximity to their premises for the sake of their customers. As such, failure to secure the parking lot is a form of negligence and the property manager may be held accountable for any insecurity issues within their premises. In instances where the facility is located in neighborhoods with high crime rates, the facility owner is expected to put safety measures in places reduce the possibilities of assault, theft or any other crimes. These may include security guards at entry and exit points, security lights, and CCTV cameras. If you’ve been caught up in any insecurity issue in the parking lot, and as a result sustained injuries, you have the option to hold the property owner responsible. Your attorney will prove the owner’s negligence and ask that they make up for the damages they’ve caused.

Inadequate and Confusing Signage

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Parking lots are often busy with the inflow and outflow of traffic. Because they are responsible for this traffic, the are required to provide proper and adequate signage to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and people within the premises of the parking lot. Improper placement of stop, turn and yield signs are a recipe for disaster. Confined parking lots may also be a problem.

Other facts that hold a the parking lot owner responsible for negligence may include:

  • If an employee or other person already reported the problem
  • The owner is aware of criminal activity in the area and didn’t take preventive measures
  • The owner failed to maintain cracks, potholes, or another dangerous condition large enough to see

This will enable the plaintiff to recover damages for medical bills incurred, pain and suffering, lost wages, and the loss of enjoyment of life due to the effect on the quality of life. In some cases, these injuries take a lifetime to heal. If you’ve been affected by such an injury, call our attorneys today for a free consultation.

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