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Burn injuries can be extremely painful and potentially life-threatening. They often entail tremendous physical and emotional trauma, not to mention the significant financial resources required to treat these injuries. In some instances, the damage is so severe that no treatment can reverse the nerve damage.

However, with adequate financial support, injured victims can lead a comfortable life without fear of the uncertain, especially if the injuries prevent them from working. Our Conroe burn injury lawyers understand that maximum compensation can provide some level of comfort after enduring burn injuries. For this reason, our dedicated attorneys compassionately and assertively defend our clients’ legal rights by rigorously pursuing the responsible parties.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries in Conroe

Burn injuries can occur for various reasons. Regrettably, many incidents result from negligence. An individual or entity that fails to maintain a reasonable duty of care towards others is deemed negligent if their actions or inactions harm others. In Texas, anyone found to have breached their legal duty of care can face civil prosecution, depending on the specifics of the case.

According to the American Burn Association, some of the prevalent causes of burn injuries in Conroe include:

Airplane Accidents

Commercial and cargo airplanes typically carry thousands of liters of fuel to cover long distances without refueling. Unfortunately, this large fuel quantity renders them susceptible to fire incidents during a crash. Ninety percent of airplane crashes result in fire outbreaks upon impact, causing severe injuries to hundreds of passengers immediately.

Car Accidents

While any traffic accident can lead to a fire incident, certain scenarios are more likely to cause an outbreak. For instance, when a car rolls over and spills fuel, even a small spark can ignite a significant fire. Passengers trapped inside are often at higher risk of suffering severe burn injuries, and in some instances, may succumb to the flames. Similarly, truck accidents involving vehicles transporting gasoline or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) are at a heightened risk of causing fire-related injuries in case of an accident.

Electrical Faults/Defective Products

Any defective electrical product can lead to a fire outbreak, potentially causing irreparable burn injuries if you’re not adequately alerted. The American Burn Association estimates that at least 40% of all fire accidents resulting from electrical faults are due to defective products. In such cases, a skilled lawyer can assist you in filing a product liability claim against the manufacturer for compensation. Moreover, other forms of personal negligence can lead to electrical faults.

Factory Accidents


Modern industrial settings, such as oil refineries and food processing plants, often utilize high-temperature steam producers and boilers for their operations. While these facilities enhance productivity, they also pose considerable safety risks to technicians and factory workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates that workers be equipped with safety gear to shield them from harm. If your employer does not provide Workers’ Compensation, our Conroe lawyers can assist you in securing compensation for your burn injury from your employer.

Types of Burn Injuries

The type of burn injury you sustain depends on various factors, including the intensity of the fire and the duration of your exposure to heat or steam. Burns are categorized based on their severity, as described below:

First-Degree Burns

These are the least severe type of burn injuries, affecting only the outer layer of the skin. The inner layers of the skin remain unharmed. Fortunately, first-degree burns usually heal on their own and typically do not necessitate intensive medical treatment.

Second-Degree Burns

In these cases, both the outer and inner layers of the skin are damaged. The affected individual may endure pain and discomfort for a period before healing. Often, the injured party may require medical intervention to expedite their recovery.

Third-Degree Burns

Also known as “full-thickness” burns, third-degree burns result in complete damage to both skin layers, potentially leading to the affected area becoming charred over time. These injuries might initially be painless, as nerves are often damaged. However, doctors may recommend grafting as part of the treatment plan.

Fourth-Degree Burns

These injuries are life-threatening, causing complete damage to all layers of the skin and potentially affecting internal organs such as the liver, tendons, muscles, kidneys, and bones. Fourth-degree burns can lead to permanent disfigurement, significantly diminishing the victim’s quality of life, and in severe cases, can even result in death. If you or a loved one has suffered from any of these types of burn injuries, it’s important to reach out to an experienced attorney.

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Our burn injury attorneys in Conroe are devoted to ensuring you receive the justice you rightly deserve. While financial compensation cannot reverse the damages incurred, it can undoubtedly aid in facilitating your transition to a new phase of life. To learn more about burn injury lawsuits, please don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.

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