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According to the U.S Coast Guard, over 11.8 million water vessels are registered in the United States. With our waterways abuzz with activities ranging from fishing and skiing among other recreational boating activities, accidents happen. Unfortunately, many of them are connected to negligent practices. 613 people were killed in the 4,168 boating accidents reported in 2019.

After an injury, or losing a loved one in a maritime accident, the last thing you want is insurance companies trying to deny or lower your claim. Our Bellaire boat accident lawyers understand the frustration this brings. Because we have experience handling similar cases, our trusted personal injury attorneys may help with recovering fair settlements from insurance companies through negotiations with them or proceeding to a trial. Either way, we fight to collect maximum compensation. Call Lone Star Injury Attorneys today to schedule a free consultation.

Negligence in Boating Accidents

Negligence in boat accidents is somewhat similar to the careless behaviors witnessed in auto wrecks. As the plaintiff, you must discover evidential proof that puts the other party at the center of the accident. Failure to do what a reasonable person would under similar circumstances amounts to negligence. However, your Bellaire boat accident attorney must further show the different elements of negligence as they apply to your case. They are:

  • Duty of care
  • Breach of duty
  • Causation
  • Damages

Each element must be accompanied by tangible evidence. For example, breach of duty in boat accidents may be in form of:

  • Operating a watercraft while under the influence
  • Speeding
  • Inexperienced boat operation
  • Distracted boat operation
  • Aggressive boat operation

On most occasions, the blame is pinned on individual boat operators. However, they are not always at fault. Other factors likely to contribute to boat accidents are lousy weather, defective products, negligence from other boat operators/passengers, and boat malfunctions. The only way you can establish human error in personal injury cases involving boat accidents is by hiring a qualified attorney with experience in maritime laws.

Legal Recourse Available for Boat Accident Victims

If you were hurt in a boating accident or lost a loved one in similar circumstances, you may have an opportunity to pursue civil action against the party at fault. A successful lawsuit or claim may result in monetary compensation depending on the losses suffered. Our Bellaire boat accident attorneys have two major ways through which this may be achieved:

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Like vehicles, all watercraft in Texas must have insurance coverage. In the instance where an insured risk occurs, affected parties may be compensated for their losses. Depending on your injuries or losses, and the coverage in place, the first order of business for your lawyer is to negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. Handling insurance companies alone will likely lead you to lose your deserved settlement. Bear in mind that they have aggressive attorneys on retainer ready to shoot down any claims brought forward. If you don’t enlist the services of an equally tenacious Bellaire boat accident lawyer, your odds of making a recovery are greatly reduced. However, most personal injury cases are resolved out of court with insurance companies.

Filing Your Case in Court

This is usually the last option if no agreement is reached with insurance companies. The Texas court system is complex and given the different state and federal maritime laws that may apply to your case, a seasoned Bellaire boating accident attorney is best placed to handle your claim. He or she may help prepare necessary legal paperwork, file court fees, recover evidence, depose witnesses, attend court sessions, and argue your plight before the jury. Though long, expensive, and time-consuming, going to trial may result in higher compensation than an out-of-court settlement.

Worker’s Compensation in Boating Accidents

In case you were hurt in a boat accident as a worker, you are equally entitled to worker’s compensation. Though not always enough to cover the majority of the losses that follow, the money you get may go a long way in helping offset the huge financial expenses you face. Oftentimes, worker’s compensation compensates for lost wages and loss of future income. But to qualify, you must have been onboard the vessel, or within the range of your workplace when the accident occurred. Discussing your injuries with our caring Bellaire boat accident attorney is the best way to establish whether you are eligible for worker’s compensation.

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