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Auto collisions are responsible for thousands of fatalities in Texas every year. Many others suffer life-changing injuries that leave lasting impacts on their lives. Unfortunately, many of them stem from negligent conducts from different players in the transport sector. Among the most common types of car accidents on Texas roads and highways are side-impact. They occur when one vehicle crashes in the side of another, and are most popular at intersections.

These kinds of accidents may have devastating consequences, including fatalities. Those lucky to escape usually do so with injuries requiring medical treatment. Sometimes, the injuries are permanent, resulting in untold losses and emotional trauma for the victim and their loved ones. If you suffered an injury or lost a loved one in similar accidents, it’s high time you consulted our Missouri City side-impact accident lawyers about your legal options. If you can prove that someone was responsible, you stand a great chance of securing top-dollar compensation for your injuries and losses if you work with a car accident attorney.

Major Cause of Accidents Collisions

As mentioned earlier, a majority of traffic accidents in the U.S are caused by human error, according to data from the Department of Transportation. Although most collisions occur at high speed, even vehicles moving at a relatively lower speed can also cause devastating crashes. Victims may suffer incapacitating injuries. Since they normally stem from negligence, it’s important that you understand how side-impact collisions in Missouri City usually occur. This will help you get prepared for any eventuality and the behaviors to look out for. The major causes include:

Intoxicated Driving

Some drivers have a habit of using intoxicating substances while driving. They could be hard drugs or alcohol. Such indulgence can result in uninformed and careless decisions that often elevate the risk of causing an accident. Thoughtless behaviors that may emanate from intoxicated driving may include aggressive driving, speeding, and unsafe lane changes. The presence of alcohol bottles may signify that the driver is drunk, and it’s vital that you take pictures of such pieces of evidence from the scene.

Running a Red Light

Everyone is in a rush to get to their destination, especially during rush hours. However, this is no excuse for running a red light. Other motorists do so due to road rage, while some act in complete disregard for traffic laws. Regardless, all motorists are required to stop at a red light whether there is traffic or not. This ensures that there is a seamless flow of human and vehicle traffic. According to research, many drivers accelerate when nearing a traffic light to get through before the red light goes.

Failure to Yield the Right of Way

Texas major highways have stop signs that direct motorists on when to yield the right of way to other road users. This ensures that they maneuver safely, but not all drivers give up the right of way even when they are legally required to do so. This is often attributed to road rage, drunk driving, distracted driving, speeding as well as inexperienced driving. A seasoned t-bone wreck attorney may evaluate the facts of your accident to establish the cause.

Resolving Liability in a Side-Impact Accident Case

Many times, drivers carry liability in most traffic accidents. While this is usually the case with side-impact collisions, they are not always to blame. Each case is unique and thus calls for different approaches to determine fault. However, negligence is often at the center of these accidents. A skilled broadside wreck attorney in Missouri City will review the circumstances of the crash before pinpointing fault. Depending on their findings, the following parties may bear liability:

  • Motorists for negligent driving
  • Vehicle manufacturers for faulty systems
  • Construction companies for poor road designs
  • State agencies for improper highway maintenance
  • Other road users for negligent behaviors

Filing a personal injury claim against government agencies presents unique legal hurdles that can be very difficult. Keep in mind that the government has immunity against personal injury lawsuits, and therefore, you need to be careful when handling accidents involving these entities. You can only pursue compensation in unique circumstances that equally have legal limitations.

Get Get Legal Help From a Missouri City Side-Impact Collision Attorney

If you were in an auto wreck, you already have many questions you would want to be answered. Our Missouri City side-impact accident lawyers are here to help. Schedule a free case evaluation with us today to discuss more about your claim, and how our attorneys may help you secure the compensation you are entitled to.

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