Determining Fault in a Missouri City Car Accident

Everyone has a pretty good chance of getting involved in an auto accident at one point in life whether as a pedestrian, motorist, cyclist, passenger, or biker. Hopefully, it’s nothing significant, and you get to walk away unscathed or with minor injuries. But when it’s something major, and you suffer catastrophic harm or someone else is killed, you have an uphill task ahead to seek justice. Since many auto wrecks are caused by negligent human behavior, someone must be assigned fault for the injuries and consequences of the crash.

Determining fault in a Missouri City car accident is the trickiest part of personal injury law. Using facts and evidence from the crash, the injured party (plaintiff) must establish grounds on which someone else failed to take reasonable care, thus causing the accident. Sometimes, liability is straightforward, but many times it is contested. In this case, a competent auto wreck attorney will help determine the context of your accident and pinpoint the party to carry legal and financial responsibility for the injuries you suffered.

Role of Negligence in Determining Fault

Of course, most personal injury cases in many states including Texas are based on negligence. The failure by a person or parties to take reasonable care in avoiding foreseeable harm is commonly referred to as negligence. Everyone bears a responsibility to ensure that their actions or operations on our highways and roads do not expose or cause harm to other road users and the general public. As such, anyone who fails to do so may bear fault when a crash occurs.

As noted, motorists and other players have a duty of care towards road users. This means following existing traffic laws and regulations. Public safety comes first in all their undertakings, and therefore, doing anything deemed unreasonable may be pointed out as a breach of duty. For instance, when a driver knowingly speeds in a restricted area such as a school or aggressively fails to yield to another car, they breach their duty of care. This helps determine fault in a Missouri City car crash, as the accident would not have occurred had they acted reasonably in the moments leading to the crash. The key element in assigning fault by negligence is proving causation. The defendant’s behavior must have directly contributed to the accident and your injuries.

Who Determines Fault in a Car Accident?

Many methodologies come into play when assigning fault in a Missouri City car crash case. First, hiring an auto wreck attorney sets the ball rolling as far as investigating your claim is concerned. Remember, your attorney will only represent you effectively if they have all the facts about your case at the tip of their hands, and when it’s certain that someone was negligent. To avoid wasting precious time and resources fighting a losing battle, your legal team will leave no stone unturned when determining liability. Other parties that help determine fault in auto wrecks are:

The Police

It’s a legal requirement that car accidents be reported to the police. A team is dispatched to the scene to unravel the circumstances of the crash and provide assistance to the parties involved. In a quest to assign fault, the police will talk to everyone involved and record their accounts regarding the accident. Forensic investigations may also be carried out depending on the gravity of the accident. A final report will be produced where the investigating officer will explain who they think was at fault. Police reports are key pieces of evidence necessary in proving fault.

Insurance Companies

When you notify insurance companies about an accident, their team will also carry out independent investigations. The aim is to determine whether you may have contributed to the accident, thus laying the ground for denying or lowering your claim. You shouldn’t rely on investigations by insurance adjusters since they are out to serve the interests of their employers.

Accident Reconstruction Experts

Expert witnesses provide a reliable and professional review of the facts around a crash. Their expertise and experience in unraveling the mystery around crashes involving multiple parties come in handy when determining fault in a car accident. For instance, accident reconstruction experts use available facts to simulate the accident scene using computer programs. This way, they can assign fault based on their findings. Expert witnesses are pivotal in helping the judge or jury understand how the accident occurred.

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