Expert Witnesses in Missouri City Car Accident Cases

Car accidents cause a lot of financial and emotional damage to victims. These losses are attributed to costs arising from medical expenses, rehabilitation, and property repair among others. For many people, these bills are not only overwhelming but also greatly impact their way of life.

Fortunately, Texas allows car accident victims to recover compensation for losses suffered. They have a chance to get paid for their damages by filing a claim with insurance companies or proceeding to court. While most cases are resolved out of court, some still find themselves opting for a court process especially when negotiations with insurance companies fail. Taking your claim to court means proving it with a preponderance of the evidence. Doing so is daunting, and without expert witnesses in Missouri City car accident cases, compensation may be difficult to secure. Reach out to our team of skilled auto collision attorneys for help.

Who are Expert Witnesses?

The Federal Rules of Evidence define an expert witness as a person with special training, qualification, and knowledge in a specific area. They analyze and provide critical insights regarding a subject. Unlike eyewitnesses, they usually don’t have to witness an accident happen. This makes them the best parties to go to for reliable and unbiased analysis of a case.

Expert witnesses in a car accident case play a critical role in helping injured parties in Missouri City prove liability. As such, your attorney may decide to retain a team depending on the facts of your accident. Expert witnesses include:

Accident Reconstruction Experts

Among the biggest hurdles you will face in a car accident case is determining fault. Multiple parties may be involved, therefore making it difficult to pinpoint the party responsible. Even if liability is straightforward, you will still face opposition from insurance companies. The best way to handle this is to retain accident reconstruction experts. They are specialized in using available facts and evidence to discover how the accident happened, and who may have been responsible. Using simulations and key pieces of evidence, accident reconstructionists usually recreate the accident in video form.

Financial Experts

It is not unusual for auto wrecks to result in a convergence of costs. From medical expenses to physical pain and suffering to lost wages, establishing the extent of financial losses following a crash may be challenging. For maximum compensation, you must determine your past, current, and future financial implications. Economists and financial experts help the jury understand the economic and non-economic damages you can pursue.

Mental Health Experts

Motor vehicle accidents are among the leading causes of mental disorders in the United States. According to research, at least 39% of car accident victims suffer PTSD and anxiety. Unfortunately, such losses are not usually accounted for when valuing a claim. The difficulty in quantifying them in monetary terms makes it impossible to accurately determine their worth. However, an expert witness can put such harm into perspective and help the jury understand your suffering after a Missouri City car accident.

Medical Experts

At least 3 million people are injured in auto wrecks every year. Many of these injuries are life-altering and can disrupt your way of life in unimaginable ways. Medical experts provide detailed and professional insights regarding the type of injuries you suffered and their impact on your life. It’s crucial to seek medical care and follow up with your doctor’s treatment plan. They have a better understanding of your injuries and may therefore be called upon to discuss the harm you suffered before a judge or jury.

Telecoms Experts

One in every four auto wrecks in Texas is caused by distracted driving. The use of cell phones while driving is a major concern globally. With advances in the telecommunication sector, it has become easier to do a lot of things at your fingertips. Unfortunately, texting and driving is dangerous, and the few seconds a driver takes their eyes and attention off the road can have devastating consequences. Telecommunication experts are vital witnesses that help establish whether the use of cellular devices may have contributed to a Missouri City car accident.

Consult with Our Missouri City Attorneys for Help Securing an Expert Witness for Your Car Accident Case

If you were in an auto wreck, you are probably already suffering the losses that come with medical expenses, missed time at work, physical pain and suffering, and a diminished quality of life. Our attorneys are happy to discuss the role of expert witnesses in your Missouri City car accident case for free. Schedule a consultation with us today by filling out our online contact form or calling.

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