sirenBeing hit by a motorcycle, truck or car can be devastating. The financial burden that comes with needing medical treatment for your injuries can be overwhelming. What many auto wreck victims ask themselves is “can I get compensation for my damages?” A Missouri City hit and run accident lawyer could answer such questions.

If you were involved in a collision, you have probably incurred losses that cost money. For example, your laptop or phone may have been damaged in the wreck, or your vehicle needs to be repaired. Worse still, you could have suffered bodily harm that required medical attention. All these can be costly if you do not have health insurance coverage. But luckily, our dedicated car accident attorneys can help.

Who Will Pay for my Damages if the Driver Flees the Scene?

If you were walking in the streets and a car hit you, the driver can be directly held liable for the accident. But remember, not all drivers who flee the scene of an accident are initially considered at-fault. While they illegally leave the scene, this does not necessarily mean that your insurance company (or if the other driver is found, their insurance company) will agree that another person was 100% responsible for the crash.

For this reason, it is prudent that you talk to a local hit and run accident lawyer to help determine the party or parties at fault for your damages, and what your avenues for recovery are. It could be that the driver acted based on the sudden rush of adrenaline at the time of the crash, or he or she was avoiding hitting something else before hitting you.  You’ll want to know exactly their arguments before proceeding into litigation.

But whatever the case might be, you may receive compensation for your damages from:

Your Insurance Company

Many people in the United States and across the world have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.  In the state, it is included as a part of your auto insurance, and you must sign a waiver to remove this coverage.  By paying regular premiums either monthly or yearly, the insurance company is required to pay off all or part of the insured’s treatment costs related to a hit and run.

However, not all insurance companies act in good faith. Some will brush off your claims or even take a lot of time to pay you. This is often referred to as acts of bad faith. Should this happen, you may feel that your health is at risk, especially when you have to make medical payments upfront before receiving treatment. To avoid this, you should speak to a lawyer with experience handling hit and run collisions.

The Driver Who Hit You

The driver who fled the scene is the most appropriate Defendant in a car accident case. He or she is directly held responsible for the collision. As a result, he or she must cover the damages from your injury. His insurance company will likely step in to compensate you.

But if the driver was not insured at the time of the wreck, he or she may have to dig deeper into his or her pockets to compensate you, or you may have to use your own uninsured motorist coverage. Our lawyer will assist in evaluating the best party to sue between these two parties.

The Car Owner

If the driver who hit you was driving someone else’s car, there is room for you to sue the car owner. It is often argued that the owner is responsible for giving the keys to competent and well-trained motorists. Therefore, if the driver who hit you was foreseeably reckless or not properly trained, the car owner can be compelled to compensate you.

The Driver’s Employer

If you were injured in a hit and run incident involving a working employee, you can also file a claim against the employer of the driver. Many motorists are on the road on behalf of their employer, and when they cause damage, their employer is responsible. The business owner is expected to maintain a high standard of ensuring safe driving practices by their drivers.

Sadly, some on-the-job employees intoxicate themselves to remain awake and energized throughout their day. However, some of these intoxicants such as alcohol can impair their judgment. In the end, they become prone to causing an accident, and they may choose to flee the scene.

Filing a Hit and Run Accident Lawsuit in Missouri City

police officers

Like any other personal injury case, filing a vehicle collision lawsuit requires that you follow a set of rules. For example, you must show proof that the accident occurred, and that it caused you physical harm, disrupting your normal way of life. And while this seems easy to prove, there are legal procedures that require the help of a hit and run accident attorney in the area.

The process of collecting, preserving, evaluating, and presenting evidence in a hit and run case can be difficult and time-consuming. Moreover, all these steps must be done within a set time frame outlined in the statute of limitations. Should you fail to file your lawsuit within the given limit, you may lose your ability to proceed with your case.

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