Missouri City Public Service Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Public transportation is an essential part of our daily lives. At one point, we become passengers in trains, buses, and trams. With an increased population and congestion on our roads, accidents involving these kinds of vehicles are a common occurrence. While any type of accident can be devastating, those involving these vehicles usually have catastrophic consequences. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of their rights when involved in those accidents.

You have a right to pursue compensation for your losses. But unlike most personal injury cases, you will certainly face complex legal hoops when pursuing compensation involving these vehicles. To face it, you will want to retain a seasoned car accident attorney. Remember, some of them are government-owned, thus presenting another legal hurdle owing to their immunity against civil lawsuits. Therefore, you will need a knowledgeable Missouri City public service vehicle accident lawyer to help with your case and determine the way forward.

How To Determine Liability?

Liability is always at the center of personal injury accidents. Therefore, your first order of business will be to determine whether someone was negligent in the moments leading to your accident. Collecting crucial facts about your case will be critical to helping you unravel the circumstances of the accident. A qualified Missouri City public transportation accident attorney will certainly provide a proper legal analysis of your case to determine whether you stand a chance of making a financial recovery.

Liability will be hinged on the specific circumstances under which the crash occurred. If someone was to blame, you carry a burden of proof to show that:

  • They owed you a legal duty of care
  • They breached the duty of care
  • The breach was the direct or proximate cause of your injuries
  • You suffered damages

Proving the existence of duty and causation are perhaps the most challenging parts of personal injury law. You must provide indisputable evidence for each, and without a resourceful attorney, your case may be at stake. Depending on the unique factors of your accident, liability may be established on drivers, state agencies, vehicle manufacturers, construction companies, or the federal government. Suing the right party is essential for achieving maximum compensation for your injuries and losses.

How To Get Compensation?

As with any personal injury accident, victims of public service vehicle accidents in Missouri City have a right to claim compensation for damages suffered. You will want the at-fault party to pay for their negligence, as the law dictates. But most importantly, you will need them to compensate for your losses. Normally, their insurance company will assume the responsibility of settling your case. Damages available may vary from case to case, but you should expect compensation for:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Emotional trauma
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Property repair costs
  • Rehabilitation costs

In case someone is killed, their surviving family members may pursue justice by filing a wrongful death claim. Only select people can file this lawsuit. Parents, guardians, spouses, or children of the deceased usually have automatic eligibility to bring forward a wrongful death lawsuit.

Government’s Immunity Against Injury Lawsuits

As mentioned earlier, suing a government agency is challenging owing to the different regulations that make them immune to lawsuits. However, you may have a slim chance of recovering compensation from the state or federal governments. When allowed to sue them, you have a limited window to do so and under special laws. For instance, Section 101.101 of the Texas Tort Claims Act requires that a notice be served to the government within the first six months from the day of the accident.

However, the time limits may be shorter depending on the municipal government. This notice must describe the accident in question when it happened as well as the damages suffered. Additionally, government agencies are immune to lawsuits if the accident happened in an emergency. For example, if a police car was in a chase, and lost control resulting in a crash, you may not assume the government employee was negligent. As such, pursuing legal action for compensation will end in futility. To know better about your rights, you will need to contact an attorney specialized in public transportation accidents in Missouri City.

Contact Us To Get Fair Representation On Your Public Transportation Accident in Missouri City

Pursuing justice when a government entity is involved presents unique circumstances that only a seasoned Missouri City public service vehicle lawyer is experienced in. Dealing with government attorneys is the last thing you want, so it’s critical to consult with our personal injury lawyers. Call us today to speak with our legal team about your case.

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