Car Accidents Involving Bad Weather in Missouri City

There are many ways that inclement weather may contribute to an auto wreck. Often, Texas experiences different weather patterns. Each presents unique conditions that usually affect road safety regarding traffic accidents.

If you were in a car accident involving bad weather in Missouri City, pursuing compensation for your losses may be your only path to financial freedom. Our award-winning car accident attorneys are ready to help with cases involving:

Heavy Rainfall

Whenever there is too much rain, Texas roads become wet. This reduces the vehicle’s traction with the road surface, therefore increasing the likelihood of an accident, especially when making turns. The driver may lose control of the vehicle, causing them to skid or veer off the road. Hydroplaning also results from heavy rainfall. This happens when the vehicle’s tires skim on the surface of a puddle. Rollover and rear-end collisions are most popular in these weather conditions.


Fog is among the most dangerous conditions that many drivers encounter on Missouri City highways. Due to reduced visibility, the driver may not be aware of their surroundings. Limited contrast stemming from the dispersal of light may distort a driver’s judgment regarding other vehicles, thus predisposing them to sideswipes, rear-end, and head-on collisions. Dense fog makes it difficult to determine whether objects and vehicles on the road are stationary or moving. To stay safe, motorists are required to use low beams.


Snow and ice are common during winter. These dangerous conditions often contribute to thousands of auto wrecks in Missouri City each year. Black ice is particularly hazardous since it’s difficult to detect when driving. Motorists are expected to lower their speeds below the set limits in such conditions. Increasing the distance between them and other vehicles is also ideal since it gives them ample time and space to react in case of an emergency such as brake failure or skidding.

High Winds

Wind does not always blow steadily, and heavy winds may catch drivers off guard. This is mostly the case for lighter vehicles, such as motorcycles, and high-profile cars, such as SUVs and trucks. Strong gusts make it nearly impossible to be fully in control of a vehicle. Keeping both hands on the steering and reducing speed may help maintain control, especially when overtaking or maneuvering steep areas. High winds may also blow debris and objects on the road, causing panic and confusion among motorists. For example, hanging electrical wires and downed trees may create obstacles that are sometimes difficult to navigate.

Driver Negligence in Bad Weather

All drivers must act and operate their vehicles safely in inclement weather to avoid accidents. Any form of careless behavior that breaches this duty may amount to negligence. Because driving in bad weather is usually unsafe, they are required to adjust to prevailing conditions. For example, a driver should use low beams and reduce speed when operating a vehicle in heavy rainfall. When they disregard such measures and cause an accident where someone is injured or killed, they may bear liability for the damages caused.

Other forms of driver negligence that contribute to car accidents involving bad weather in Missouri City are:

An auto wreck attorney may help discover whether a driver behaved thoughtlessly in the moments leading to the crash. If so, they may be held legally and financially accountable for your injuries and losses.

When the Driver is Not to Blame

Drivers are not always to blame for car accidents involving bad weather in Missouri City. Other parties may contribute to auto wrecks by negligence. For example, the manufacturer may bear liability when a vehicle system or part becomes faulty. This is usually true for accidents caused by defective tires, faulty braking, and steering systems. Road construction companies may also share fault when poor road designs cause a crash. Potholes and poor markings are common causes of car accidents involving bad weather. Car owners and trucking companies may be set up for lawsuits if their failure to hire experienced drivers and carry out proper vehicle maintenance results in a crash.

Get Help with Your Missouri City Bad Weather Car Accident Claim

If you were seriously injured or someone you know was killed in a car accident involving bad weather in Missouri City, we are here to help. If someone else is to blame, you may be eligible for compensation. Call us today to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our skilled attorneys.

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