How Long Does a Missouri City Car Accident Lawsuit Take?

An auto wreck can be devastating for anyone. They can also result in significant financial losses, especially when the injuries suffered are long-lasting. At this moment, the only thing you want is to get better and go back to your normal duties. But with limited finances, you become a burden to your family and friends, as they often have to bring everything to a standstill to help you get back on your feet.

As such, the only thing in your mind will be how to get back to the position you were in before the accident. Quite often, this solely lies in your ability to recover compensation for your losses with the help of a seasoned car crash attorney. While insurance policies may be straightforward on the basis of settlement, insurance companies will still put up a fight against your claim. The only other option you may have is pursuing redress through a court process. Unfortunately, many people dread filing a lawsuit owing to the prolonged time it takes to settle compared to dealing with insurance companies. This guide seeks to answer the question of how long a Missouri City accident lawsuit takes.

What Factors Affect the Time Taken to Settle a Lawsuit?

If you are about to undertake a legal action following an accident, you may be wondering how long a car accident lawsuit takes in Missouri City. You see, every lawsuit is unique, and many variables determine how soon your case is settled. However, many cases are settled privately out-of-court by negotiating with insurance companies. But since they may prove difficult to work with, you still have another shot at justice by filing a lawsuit in court. The factors that will ultimately determine how long your case takes include:


Liability is often difficult to establish in accidents entailing multiple parties. For example, discovering fault in an accident involving a commercial truck can be a difficult task to partake owing to the many parties in question such as truck driver, truck owner, truck manufacturers, and trucking companies. Discovering fault may be an uphill task since it takes a lot of work and effort to compile indisputable evidence showing negligence. Even if it’s straightforward, insurance companies and defendants may deny any wrongdoing, thus prolonging the time it would have taken to settle your case.

Severity of Injuries

Injuries suffered in an auto wreck are critical to determining how long your case takes. Besides being unable to handle legal matters alone while recovering, your attorney may wait until you have fully recovered to start the process. This allows them to determine the true value of your claim in relation to the damages suffered. Sometimes you may be required to attend a court session to be deposed, and if still bedridden, the trial may be rescheduled to a later date. These kinds of lawsuits involving minor injuries such as whiplash take a shorter time to settle compared with catastrophic injury cases.

Insurance Companies

Some insurance companies opt to settle out-of-court to avoid the expensive and time-consuming court process. Others make it difficult to settle quickly, so you can give up on your rights, thus maximizing their profits. Defense attorneys and insurance adjusters may be unwilling to compromise, especially when it’s a large sum in question. Even in court, these attorneys may still deny your claim, pushing your case further towards a trial, which presents a lot of legal hurdles. A car crash case that goes to trial can take years to settle as both parties prepare the necessary paperwork and legal arguments.

The Attorney You Retain

The auto wreck attorney you retain will impact the outcome of your case and how long it takes to achieve an outcome. Although most of them try to reach an out-of-court settlement, your case may still go to trial. If your legal team is incompetent or is not trial-tested, you will surely be set up for a long stay in court. They may jeopardize your case by filing improper paperwork or compromise your chances of making a recovery by saying things they shouldn’t. For this reason, retaining a reputable and trial-tested auto wreck lawyer is crucial.

Contact Our Team to Learn How Long the Process of a Car Crash Lawsuit in Missouri City Takes

The last thing you want after an auto wreck is to have justice delayed. The best way to protect your interests and ensure your case is determined on time is to work with our tested personal injury attorneys. We will work round the clock to ensure that you don’t just get the compensation you deserve, but do so sooner.

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