How Long Do I Have to File a Car Accident Claim in Missouri City?

An auto wreck can be a scary experience. Even a minor one can leave you traumatized and with injuries requiring medical treatment. In the worst-case scenario, lives may be lost, marking the beginning of untold losses and grief. Trying to process the aftermath of a crash can be emotionally and financially challenging. Apart from having to adjust to a new way of life, there are also a lot of things to take care of, more so when assessing your damages and dealing with the injuries you suffered.

With everything going on, your priority will be to get back on your feet, which means you are likely to focus on treatment first. While this should be the case, you equally need to protect your rights and pursue compensation for your losses with a seasoned car wreck attorney. However, you may be tempted to delay the process until you gain full recovery. Although this could be ideal for catastrophic injuries, waiting too long to file your case could jeopardize your chances of making a recovery. You have a limited time to bring your case forward and therefore, understanding how long you have to file a car accident claim in Missouri City is crucial.

Time Limits for Filing an Insurance Claim

Insurance companies have different timelines which policyholders must meet when pursuing compensation. For instance, all accidents must be reported promptly. While this may be vague, it’s important to understand that you must report your crash as soon as possible. For example, many insurance companies require that accidents be reported within 24 hours. Therefore, you might wonder, what is the time limited to submit a car crash claim in Missouri City?

While most scenarios require you to call your insurance company about your auto wreck, technology advancements have made things seamless. Your insurance company may have a mobile application where you can document your crash and make preparations to start the claim process. If this option is unavailable, you can still go ahead and call your insurance company. Days later, you will receive a call from an insurance adjuster on the way ahead.

Filing a Case in Court

The time allowed for filing a car crash claim is usually a maximum of two years. Whether you settle with insurance companies or decide to proceed to court, you are only allowed two years from the day of the accident to do so. Of course, this limit may be stretched further in scenarios where the other party is not traceable. Either way, your attorney should be able to review the facts of your case and decide how long you have to file your claim.

Factors that Will Affect How Long It Takes to File a Car Accident Claim

When filing a claim of this nature, so much will go into making a solid case that you may not realize time is of the essence. Everything must be done procedurally, and doing so could derail the time it takes to file your case. The factors that mostly impact your readiness to file a car accident claim in Missouri City are:


The first step is determining the person or parties you wish to believe have legal and financial responsibilities over your losses. Sometimes, the liability is straightforward, whereas some cases call for in-depth analysis and review of facts before fault is discovered. If your accident involved more than two parties, a government entity, or a trucking company, you may have to wait longer to file a claim as it takes more time to determine fault.


Damages in many auto wrecks are immediate. For instance, you will probably suffer losses such as medical expenses, property repair costs, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs. However, serious cases result in far-reaching consequences. For example, one may suffer disabling injuries or life-threatening harm that calls for a prolonged stay in hospital. In such scenarios, you may not have the emotional or physical bandwidth to bring forward a claim soon. You may have to wait until you are fully recovered to do so. However, retaining a dedicated car crash attorney solves this problem.

Negotiations with Insurance Companies

While most claims like this are resolved with insurance companies, negotiations may not result in desired settlement. As such, you may proceed to fileyour case in court. However, many insurance companies don’t want your case to settle. To derail the process, some may act in bad faith during negotiations, so the statute of limitations can lapse before you formally file your case.

Call to Learn About the Time Limit to Submit a Car Crash Claim in Missouri City

To make sure you file your claim in a timely manner, as required by law, it’s crucial to collaborate with a skilled lawyer. Our team of auto wreck attorneys is here to assist you in meeting the deadlines set by your insurance company and the Texas statute of limitations. If you’re wondering how long you have to file a car accident claim in Missouri City, we have the expertise to provide the information you seek. Call us today to get started.

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