texting and driving 1 It is indisputable that technology has helped us make major strides in our lives. Unfortunately, it has also brought with it several hidden risks and dangers. Using cell phones while driving has become the norm across the world. And while we celebrate and take pride in the conveniences that come with texting, it is also important to understand that the same acts lead to the loss of thousands of lives every year. Hundreds of thousands of others are left nursing severe injuries as a result of texting while driving.

In Missouri City, the issues surrounding texting and use of cell phones while driving are a hot topic. Fortunately, the local authorities have put in place affirmative measures to curb these acts of negligence. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we understand that the lure of texting and the use of cell phones while driving is often very tempting. But regardless of how commonplace it is, there is no excuse when lives are changed permanently because of such actions. For this reason, our Missouri City texting while driving car accident lawyers understand the importance of holding the party responsible for your car crash. Contact a seasoned auto wreck attorney for help with your case.

Texting and Cell Phone Accident Cases in Missouri City

To understand how deep this problem is for drivers, all you need to do is take a close look at the traffic around you. In a few minutes, you will likely notice multiple motorists texting or using their cell phone while driving. They will often be so preoccupied with using their phones that they will not notice any looming danger in their surroundings, and will not be able to react quickly enough in a sudden emergency.

Distracted drivers not only pose a risk to themselves, but also to other road users. These include pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicycle riders, and other drivers. If a driver takes a few seconds to reply to a text or email, the result can be a fatal crash. Sometimes, motorists may speed on a busy road with numerous intersections and pedestrian crosswalks while still keeping their attention on their phone. In the end, they may fail to notice other cars on the road or pedestrians crossing.

Our local accident lawyers are very aggressive when it comes to texting while driving cases. We advocate for road safety and safe driving practices, and any driver who chooses to text and causes an accident must be held accountable for their actions.

Common Types of Wrecks Associated with Cell Phone Use

A distracted driver is likely to cause more harm to other road users than to himself or herself. An innocent pedestrian or motorist can become permanently injured because of a driver’s distraction. Some of the most common accidents associated with texting and the use of cell phones include:

Rear-End Collision

A rear-end collision occurs when a distracted driver hits the vehicle in front of them from the back. A fraction of a second spent to reply to a text or dial a number is enough to cause this type of accident. Depending on a number of factors, the impact can result in minor or severe injuries.

Head-On Collision

A head-on-collision is one of the more common accidents. This happens when two cars moving in opposite directions crash into each other. In many cases, this type of road accident occurs when a driver runs a red light. However, a contributing factor can also be that a driver is distracted from noticing the traffic signals around him or her.

Rollover Accident

A rollover accident is one of the most severe types of automobile wrecks and sometimes occurs from texting or the use of cell phones. When talking on the phone, or replying to an urgent message from a friend or family, the driver may fail to take note of roadworks ahead or a pothole. Once the vehicle hits the road debris, or the driver jerks the wheel suddenly, the vehicle may tip over, leading to a rollover accident.

Pedestrian Accident

A busy driver is a bad driver. Using a cell phone while driving is a recipe for a pedestrian accident. The driver who is not paying attention may recklessly drive through a pedestrian walkway or crossing, hitting pedestrians in the process. If the at-fault driver was texting, a lawyer could help you file a claim regardless of the type of car accident.

Contacting a Missouri City Texting While Driving Car Accident Attorney

texting and driving 2

If you have suffered harm from a distracted driver, you may obtain compensation for your injuries. Your lawyer must prove that the driver’s act of negligence caused your accident and your injuries. Oftentimes, had the other driver not used their cell phone while driving, the crash would not have occurred and you would not have been injured. To help you with your case, get in touch with a Missouri City texting while driving car accident lawyer today.