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Those who operate vehicles while under the influence of alcohol are significantly more likely to cause fatal accidents. This is due to the substantial impairment of judgment and reaction time caused by alcohol consumption. Tragically, these dangerous drunk driving accidents often result in severe injuries and fatalities.

Fortunately, victims of drunk driving collisions have the right to seek compensation for their economic and non-economic losses. According to state laws, drunk drivers who cause accidents face criminal penalties for their reckless behavior. If you have been injured in a drunk driving accident, you may be considering whether to hire a vehicle collision lawyer to handle your case or negotiate with the negligent driver’s insurance company. Our attorneys show no leniency towards drivers who choose to drink and drive. A drunk driving car accident lawyer in Missouri City will do everything possible to hold them accountable for their actions and obtain maximum damages for the victims.

What are the Legal Implications of Drunk Driving Cases in Missouri City?

While most individuals can consume a bottle of beer, a cocktail, or a glass of wine without becoming intoxicated, having two or more drinks increases the likelihood of impaired decision-making while operating a vehicle. Given that people have different tolerances, it is important to understand one’s drinking limits to avoid significant legal consequences for their actions.

Like many cities in the US, Missouri City considers a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of 0.08% or higher as legally intoxicated. Anything above that threshold is deemed illegal. For commercial drivers, the BAC limit is set at 0.04%. For teenagers and drivers under 21, a zero-tolerance rule applies, meaning any amount of alcohol detected is considered illegal.

How Can I Determine if the Accident Was Caused by an Intoxicated Driver?

To successfully file a car accident lawsuit, you will need to establish, with a higher probability, that the driver who collided with you was driving under the influence of alcohol. However, considering that your case may take months to reach trial, crucial evidence may become difficult to obtain. Therefore, we recommend taking immediate action to secure the accident scene, preserving any potentially incriminating evidence against the other driver.

Contacting the police is essential once the collision occurs. The police play a crucial role in determining fault by examining the factors leading to the accident. If they suspect drunk driving, they may conduct various tests to ascertain whether the driver was over the legal alcohol limit at the time of the accident. Some of the methods used by the police to test blood alcohol content (BAC) include:

Blood Tests

An investigating officer may request that the driver undergoes a blood test, which is one of the most accurate ways to determine BAC. To ensure the preservation of the test results, it is advisable to seek immediate legal counsel from a lawyer specializing in drunk driving incidents.

Breathalyzer Tests

If you are in close proximity to a potentially intoxicated individual, the simplest way to determine their intoxication level is through their breath. A breathalyzer is an electronic device used to estimate an individual’s BAC from a breath sample. While certain factors like breath fresheners, vomiting, and digestive gas can affect the accuracy of the device, breathalyzer tests are commonly relied upon by the police and juries.

Urine Tests

Testing urine samples for BAC is less accurate than blood tests or breathalyzer tests, as it is influenced by various factors. For example, the timing of the driver’s recent urination or the speed at which alcohol was consumed can render the results inaccurate.

How Will a Missouri City Drunk Driving Car Accident Attorney Help?

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With the assistance of a legal advocate, you can greatly enhance the value of your case. Firstly, they will ensure the preservation of any test results indicating the other driver’s intoxication. It is crucial to establish that the driver who caused you harm was indeed intoxicated at the time of the accident. Therefore, some form of blood alcohol content (BAC) testing is likely necessary to substantiate the other driver’s intoxication.

Secondly, an attorney can help you build a network of witnesses to support your claims. They can engage expert witnesses to discuss your injury, the circumstances of the accident, and your future medical treatment plan. Additionally, the independent report from the police will be instrumental in confirming the driver’s intoxication.

Lastly, when pursuing a lawsuit, it is important to identify the appropriate parties at fault. In most cases, the drunk driver is held responsible. Our team can assist you in determining liability and seeking justice against the individuals or entities responsible. Some potential parties may include:

  • The driver
  • The vehicle owner
  • The owner of the premises where the drinking party occurred
  • The alcohol manufacturer
  • The parents or guardians of intoxicated teenagers

At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we prioritize your well-being. Consequently, we handle your claim on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we only receive payment if we win your case. Contact a drunk driving car accident lawyer in Missouri City today.

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