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hand injury Catastrophic injuries have long term effects on the individual victim as well as their family members. The physical and mental harm that injury victims go through is often emotionally and financially crippling. After a severe accident, victims have to be cared for by expert medical care professionals. From time to time, they may need to be admitted to the hospital when their symptoms become unbearable. The more time spent in these hospitals, the higher the medical bills.

If you have suffered severe or permanent injuries due to someone else’s negligence, you may be able to obtain compensation for your damages. You likely have many questions concerning your ability to sue, and whether the claims process is worth your time and emotional output. Our dedicated personal injury attorneys could answer these questions. To help you with your ongoing problems, our Missouri City catastrophic injury lawyers can get you the justice you deserve to ensure that you and your family are well taken care of financially as you recover from your serious injuries.

What is a Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophic injury refers to the severe harm, damage, or injury to any of the critical parts of the body such as the spine, brain, spinal cord, or limbs. These injuries are often disabling and fatal. The victim not only suffers directly from pain and suffering but also subjects his or her loved ones to this emotional torture.

What are the Causes of Severe Injuries in Missouri City?

There are many causes of catastrophic injuries in the area. Some of them may seem to be too common, but their effects on victims are life-changing. They can occur in any setting. You may be walking or driving to work, traveling for vacation, playing outside with your children, shopping at the mall, or even exercising at the gym. Some of the major causes include:

To prove that you or your loved one suffered these injuries, your lawyer must show the relationship between your catastrophic injury and the supposed accident. He or she can do this by preparing and presenting evidence in the form of police reports and expert witnesses, as well as hard evidence from CCTV footage from the scene of the accident.

Common Types of Catastrophic Injuries

There are many catastrophic injuries associated with the accidents mentioned above. However, some injuries are more common and often result in a total change of the victim’s way of life. They include:

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

This is one of the most common catastrophic injuries. TBI occurs due to a sudden jolt or blows to the head. This can happen in a rollover accident, a slip & fall accident, or sports accidents.

Spinal Cord Injury

The spinal cord is a very critical part of the body, as it carries signals from the brain to the rest of your body. If a serious injury is sustained in the spine, the rest of the body reacts by becoming paralytic, having chronic pain, loss of motor skills, and many more disorders that affect your life in the end.

Severe Burns

Burns range from minor to severe based on their severity. 4th-degree burns are widely known for their extreme effects on the victim. The one suffering ends up damaging key body parts such as all layers of the skin, nerves, blood vessels, and internal organs. Burns may arise from chemicals, fire, or radiation.

Head & Neck Injuries

neck painThe head and neck are among the most used parts of the body. Any injury on these parts may lead to death, permanent damage, or paralysis. For example, a skull fracture can lead to mental disorders and internal brain hemorrhage. Recovering from these injuries may require weeks, months, and in some cases, years to fully recover.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death occurs when a person loses his or her life due to someone else’s negligence in an action or inaction. A majority of these deaths occur unexpectedly, and for this reason, the victim’s family and friends are subjected to sudden and tragic moments as they come to terms with the loss of their loved one. A local attorney familial with catastrophic injury cases could assist you in recovering compensation for your specific needs.

Why Hire a Missouri City Catastrophic Injury Attorney?

Our Missouri City catastrophic injury lawyers bring a vast amount of experience to the clients they represent. We believe that it takes a close attorney-client relationship to bring the best out of a lawsuit for severe or permanent injury. It is in our DNA to offer the best legal services to personal injury victims. If you have sustained damages in a life-threatening accident, take the first step towards recovery by calling Lone Star Injury Attorneys today.

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