car pulling out of parking spaceCar accidents happen every day. Some occur on busy roads, highways, and major intersections. However, many car accidents take place in parking garages and parking lots. But unlike typical car crashes, parking lot car accident statistics show both good news and bad news. The good news is that cars driven in parking lots are at relatively slow speeds compared to highways. In case of an accident, the crash is more likely to be minimal, meaning that the injuries are not severe. On the other side, the bad news is that it is not always clear on who has the right of way when driving through a parking lot.

Parking lot incidents often occur as a result of driver negligence. It could be from distracted driving to drunk driving. If you were injured in a parking lot or garage, speaking to a skilled auto wreck attorney can go a long way in helping you understand your ability to seek compensation for your damages. Our Missouri City parking lot accident lawyers have the experience to help you with your case.

Who Was At-Fault for a Parking Lot Accident?

Determining fault in a parking lot incident requires that you understand the rules governing parking lots. For example, when driving through a parking lot or leaving a parking space, the general rule dictates that the right of way is retained by drivers already in the through lanes. If another driver causes an accident by pulling out of the parking lot when another one is already in the through lane, the driver in the parking space will be held responsible for the accident.

However, not all parking lot collisions are blamed on a driver. In some cases, other factors can lead to a crash or other injuries. For instance, the design of the parking lot could pose an accident threat to motorists and pedestrians by having it erected without clear signs or indications for the right of way. In this case, our local attorneys may hold the premises owner or construction company at-fault for the parking lot accident.

Parking Lot Incidents Involving Pedestrians

Drivers in parking lots also have a duty of care towards pedestrians. This means that they should do everything possible to prevent any possible accident. On many occasions, drivers are known for engaging in risky behavior that distracts from looking out for pedestrians, such as listening to loud music, texting, looking in the mirrors, and taking photos while driving through parking lots.

And although parking lot collisions have a lower impact because cars are not at high speeds, that same impact can be catastrophic when it makes contact with a pedestrian. Numerous deaths occur in parking lots, and having a lawyer can help you file the proper claim in case of a serious pedestrian injury. Even if he or she was partially at-fault for the accident, the driver has a greater responsibility towards pedestrians and other road users.

What Should I Do After a Parking Lot Accident in Missouri City?

Immediately after being involved in the accident, the first thing you should do is to ensure that you are safe. You can protect yourself by first moving away from the car that hit you. This goes a long way in avoiding further injuries especially in cases where there is a risk of the driver not recognizing that an accident has occurred.

After doing so, you should call the police. Their work is to gather important information about the accident. This may include:

Remember, calling the police doesn’t guarantee that they will visit the accident scene. In some parking lot accidents where there are no serious injuries or damages, the police may hold that the property owner is responsible for any incident reports. In such a case, you should take over their role by:

  • Taking photos of the scene
  • Recording contact information of witnesses
  • Recording registration and insurance details of the other vehicle
  • Requesting for surveillance videos from the property owner
  • Requesting an incident report from the property owner.

Having the above information will base the foundation of your claims. Your parking lot accident lawyer may need to evaluate this information in order to seek out other evidence.

A Missouri City Parking Lot Accident Attorney Could Help You File a Claim

full parking lot

After collecting and preserving all crucial pieces of evidence, you should file a formal claim against the party at-fault. You can do this on your own, but having a Missouri City parking lot accident lawyer comes with an added advantage. He or she may help you receive maximum compensation based on the circumstances around your case.

Injury claims have a time limit within which they must be filed. With a busy work schedule, medical appointments, or lack of familiarity with the process, you may miss important deadlines. Upon retaining a personal injury lawyer, the burden is taken off your shoulders. If you were injured in a parking lot accident, our attorneys can help. Call our office today for a free consultation.