hit and runA rollover car accident is among the deadliest types of accidents with high numbers of related fatalities. While rollover accidents are often associated with Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs), they can also happen in trucks, buses, and other cars. The high fatality rate is attributed to the significant impact felt by the passengers onboard. Sadly, a majority of passengers are knocked against the car’s metallic surfaces while others can be thrown out of the windows of the vehicle. As a result, car accident victims may end up fracturing multiple bones, and in the worst cases, lose their lives.

Rolling accidents normally occur when the driver is unable to control the vehicle. He or she may be trying to avoid hitting a barrier or another car, but instead ends up transferring the weight suddenly to one side of the vehicle and rolling over. If you lost a loved one, or you were injured in a rollover wreck, a seasoned vehicle collision attorney could help you hold the party at-fault responsible. By doing so, you open the window for compensation for your injuries. A Missouri City rollover accident lawyer is your greatest asset when deciding how to move your case forward, whether that is to trial or in negotiating your claims with the insurance company.

What are the Common Causes of Rollover Accidents in Missouri City?

While there are many ways through which a rollover accident can occur, there are specific scenarios that make such accidents more common. We have seen a number of them in Missouri City and throughout Texas. They include:

Type of Vehicle

As mentioned earlier, sports utility vehicles (SUVs) are more prone to rollover wrecks than other types of vehicles. This is mainly because they have a higher center of gravity (CoG) compared to other types of vehicles. Certain car designs make them more prone to rollover, especially when on wet roads or at high speeds.

Driver Negligence

A majority of rollover accidents in Missouri City are attributed to driver behaviors and acts of driver negligence. Normally, drivers are expected to maintain high standards of care not only to themselves but also to other road users. Engaging in certain activities such as drunk-driving or the use of mobile phones while driving can easily result in a rollover accident.


High speeds are the leading contributing factor of rollover crashes. Although there are set speed limits, some speeds within the legal limits will still cause a rollover accident. For example, when driving through a highway section with a speed limit of 80 miles per hour, the car can roll over when the driver tries to avoid hitting a barrier or another car on the road. Statistics indicate that at least 60% of rollover accidents happened when a car was cruising at a speed of 60mph or higher.

Poor Road Conditions

An improperly maintained highway or road section increases the chances of cars rolling over. For example, a road section with uneven pavements or lots of potholes can result in an accident as the motorist tries to avoid them.

Poor Weather Conditions

If you happen to drive through an icy and wet road, your chances of having a rollover accident increase exponentially. Wet road surfaces lead to skidding, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle. When the driver tries to regain control, the vehicle may be destabilized, causing the car to roll over. Depending on the cause of the rollover accident, an attorney may be able to help you prove the negligence of a third party.

Determining Liability in a Rollover Wreck

fallen truck

In such a type of accident, your lawyer must prove that the accident was as a result of someone’s negligence. Therefore, determining liability will be based on the reason why the accident occurred.

If the rollover was caused by vehicle design or defects, you may hold the car manufacturer or auto-service company accountable. For example, if you recently serviced your vehicle and the auto-service mechanic failed to properly fix the brake system, and brake failure caused the rollover, you may find them responsible for the accident.

Similarly, if the rollover crash was caused by poor road conditions, the construction company responsible may also be held liable for the accident. Regardless of the cause, establishing fault is not always easy. In many cases, victims of rollover wrecks are engaged in back and forth discussions with the potential at-fault parties. To cushion yourself from any acts of bad faith of the insurance companies, it is advisable to hire a local rollover accident attorney.

Team Up with Our Missouri City Rollover Accident Attorneys

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