using phone while driving Texting and using a cell phone while driving is a common traffic law that many motorists ignore. Replying to a text or answering a call while driving can pose a great risk to the driver, passengers, pedestrians, or other motorists on the road. Normally, answering a call or typing a text may take 10 seconds or more. As insignificant as these seconds might seem to be, all it takes is a few seconds of your attention away from the road for an accident to occur. Your attention is focused on your phone, and by the time you realize the impending collision, it may be too late to act.

Because of the increased traffic accidents caused by texting and the use of cell phones while driving, Pearland has made it unlawful for drivers or any other motorist to use their phones while on the road. Failure to strictly adhere to these guidelines makes the driver liable to any damages that arise from the accident. If you were injured in an accident caused by distracted driving, reach out to a determined auto accident attorney. Our Pearland texting and driving accident lawyer may help you recover damages for the harm caused.

How Serious are Texting and Cell Phone Accidents in Pearland?

Texting and driving accidents are as serious as those caused by drunk driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) records at least 600,000 cases of drivers using their mobile phones while driving across the United States. And while not all of the cases result in car crashes, the risk posed cannot be overlooked.

Sadly, phone-related accidents are expected to rise especially with the onset of new technological advancements every day. Today, a driver will momentarily take their attention away from the road to make a post on Instagram or Facebook, or to send a text to a friend. As he or she does so, the possibility of causing a head-on collision, a pedestrian accident, or a rear-end collision increases exponentially. If the driver that hit you was using his or her phone, you should get help from a qualified lawyer.

Injuries Associated with Distracted Driving

Our attorneys may help you sue the driver for damages suffered and a texting a driving wreck. Accidents caused by distracted driving account for at least 20% of all car accident cases reported in Pearland. For this reason, understanding your options for compensation is equally important.

Like any other accident, texting and cell phone crashes may result in severe injuries and sometimes loss of life. This is dependent on several factors, such as the speed at which the vehicle was moving before the accident. The type of vehicle may also play a critical role in determining how fatal the accident can be. For example, if a truck driver uses his or her mobile phone while driving and causes a crash with a much smaller car, the rate of fatality and serious injuries is higher due to the truck’s large size and weight.

Some of the injuries associated with texting and cell phone accidents include:

Depending on their severity, these injuries may be temporary or permanent. Some of them may take weeks or months to heal, while others may require years of treatment and therapy. As expected, all these come at a cost. Our legal team understands that you may not be financially stable to offset medical bills on your own. For this reason, we will offer you a specialized legal representation to help recover monetary compensation for your injuries and damages, including medical bills.

Damages Available in a Texting Car Wreck Case

Any damage you suffer in texting or smartphone-related car accident is recoverable. But to fully obtain compensation for the losses you incur, your attorney must show proof that you indeed suffered damages that could be easily quantified into monetary terms. All medical records must be safely kept and presented before the jury or your insurance company. Other related damages may include:

  • Therapy costs
  • Medical costs
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of parenthood
  • Transport costs to and from the hospital
  • Homecare services costs
  • Property repair costs
  • Permanent Impairment
  • Pain & Suffering

With the help of a lawyer, you can assess all your damages to determine the compensation you need.

Should I Hire a Pearland Texting and Driving Accident Lawyer?

texting and driving

You may recover damages through making a claim with the proper insurance company, whether it is from the driver at-fault or your own. However, the amount of settlement you receive may be inadequate to fully cover your medical expenses and other damages. With our seasoned Pearland texting and driving accident lawyers, you will obtain maximum compensation. For a free case evaluation, please call Lone Star Injury Attorneys today.