car insuredWhile going about your daily activities in the streets and highways of Pearland, you are more likely to be involved in a car crash than any other type of accident throughout your day. Regardless of how you are of your surroundings on the road, a rogue driver may end up knocking you down or crashing into your car. If serious enough, you may lose your life or suffer permanent injuries that require specialized care.

Luckily, you can recover compensation for damages suffered by filing a claim to your insurance company or the one of the party at fault. This helps in alleviating the logistical and financial burdens brought about by the accident. Whether you were injured or not, you are required to immediately contact your insurance company after an accident regardless of who is at fault. However, obtaining damages from an insurance company for your injuries is not always easy.

Dealing with Pearland insurance companies after a car accident requires the legal input of a skilled attorney. Before making the call to notify them about the accident, there are several things you should keep in mind. Remember, filing a claim doesn’t necessarily mean that you will undoubtedly receive compensation. You must understand that the information you convey may make your case or break it. Here is a number of things you ought to know before meeting with an insurer, so it is best to speak with a skilled auto wreck attorney.

Insurance Companies are Not Under Any Obligation to Meet Your Demands

There are no laws that compel insurance companies to meet your demands after a vehicle collision, even when the other driver is at fault. Therefore, do not be shocked when your insurance company offers you a fraction of your medical bills or denies your claim altogether. This is the main reason why the first settlement offer is usually a lowball.

Insurance Companies in Pearland Have Trained Negotiators

The first offer or call you receive from your insurance company after a car accident is often made by their insurance adjuster. An adjuster is a direct employee of an insurance company, and their mandate is to protect the interests of the company. Therefore, they will try to negotiate an easy way out on behalf of their company, since they are trained to minimize the amount payable to injured claimants.

The First Settlement Offer is Often an Unfair One

Immediately after an auto wreck, you may need money to pay your medical bills or repair property damage such as your car. Auto insurance companies know this very well. It’s for this reason that they may call you quickly with an initial settlement offer, since they are aware of your vulnerability. No matter how desperate you are for finances, it is advisable to never accept the initial offer made by insurance companies after a car accident before speaking with an injury attorney in Pearland.

Insurers May Not Be Willing to Offset Your Medical Expenses

To avoid paying your medical claims, auto insurers will most likely suggest that your injuries from the accident are not that serious or that your injuries existed before the car crash happened. Proving your injuries can be very difficult if you never sought medical attention after the accident or failed to follow up with treatment recommended by your doctors. To avoid such scenarios, always keep all medical records and be sure to follow up with your doctor’s treatment plan to the letter.  If you’re concerned about your case, consult with a qualified car accident lawyer.

Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You

Pearland insurance companies will always want you to agree to their version of the accident or of your injuries. They may ask questions about what happened or even ask you to sign some papers to resolve your claim.  Never agree to answer any questions or sign any documents without the counsel of an attorney.

If You Don’t Get Settle Right Away, Your Insurance Company May Engage in Delay Tactics

You have a maximum of two years to file a claim with your insurer after a car accident, and the insurance companies are very much aware of this. After realizing that you’re unwilling to accept their initial offer, insurance companies may not follow up with you to ensure that the statute of limitations lapses. It’s for this reason that you need an attorney to keep tabs on all relevant legal deadlines after an auto wreck.

Talk to Our Attorneys About Pearland Insurance Companies After a Car Accident

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The aftermath of a car crash is often difficult, and you should never have to face it alone. Our auto wreck lawyers at Lone Star Injury Attorneys are ready to engage your Pearland insurance company after a car accident. Talk to us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you.