bad weatherNobody wants to be in a car accident, but as fate may have it, you may be involved in a crash that leaves you nursing serious injuries. In most cases, such collisions are caused by driver negligence and other technical issues arising from the lack of proper car maintenance. However, this does not mean that all accidents are caused entirely by human error or mechanical problems. The state of roads and weather conditions while driving are also contributing factors to the increased cases of car accidents in Pearland. According to statistics from the Federal Highway Institute (FHA), at least 22% of road accidents in the United States are caused by bad weather conditions.

Snow, fog, mist, ice, and heavy rain make it difficult to effectively maintain road safety even when the driver is 100% on the lookout. If you suffered harm in a car accident involving bad weather in Pearland, you may wonder whether you stand a chance for compensation, especially when it’s not clear who to sue. Although the weather cannot be sued for damages, there is always a link between the weather condition at the time of the accident and the appropriate amount of care each driver needs to take on the road. This amount of care may apply to a driver, the road construction companies, car owners, or local road safety agencies. Talk to an experienced auto wreck attorney to find out if you could file a lawsuit for your accident.

Factors that Contribute to Bad Weather Accidents in Pearland

As mentioned, bad weather does not result in an accident directly, and there must be contributing factors to cause a crash. For example, heavy rainfall does not cause an accident unless the driver is not careful when driving. Some of the factors that contribute to weather-related vehicle collisions include poor road conditions, drunk driving, speeding, and distracted driving.

Poor Road Conditions

Road construction companies are mandated with the responsibility of ensuring that major roads in the streets and highways are functional, even under the harshest weather conditions. A poor constructed or maintained road can pose an accident risk, especially during heavy rains. A pothole may be submerged in water, therefore making it difficult for drivers to avoid them. If speeding, the car may hit the pothole, causing the car to jerk and causing an accident.

Driving Under Influence

Driving under the influence of hard drugs or alcohol impairs the driver’s judgment. His or her vision may be adversely affected, therefore making it difficult to safely drive through fog, mist, or heavy rain. What’s more, their sense of judgment is significantly impaired, and the driver may make grave mistakes that could lead to a crash.


Speeding while there are bad weather conditions outside is a recipe for a car crash. Icy and wet roads may result in skidding, and if the car was moving at high speeds, the driver may be unable to regain control, causing an accident in the process.  Furthermore, while the posted speed limits are considered safe driving speeds during good weather, drivers are obligated to drive safely and at slower speeds during inclement weather.

Distracted Driving

Drivers are expected to be cautious and aware of their surroundings at all times. But driving during bad weather conditions such as heavy rainfall requires extra care. Replying to a text or speaking on the phone while driving often takes the driver’s attention away from the road. In case of an emergency, the driver has no ample time to effectively react.

How Is Fault Determined in Auto Wreck Involving Inclement Weather?

Notably, Pearland laws and insurance companies demand that drivers act responsibly at all times regardless of the weather conditions. Failure to maintain high standards of care towards other road users can make them liable for the damages caused. The state of the motorist and vehicle at the time of the accident is an important factor to consider when determining fault. In one way or the other, the following parties may be held responsible for an inclement weather car accident in Pearland:

  • The driver
  • The car owner
  • Local road safety agencies for poor road maintenance
  • Road construction companies
  • Vehicle manufacturers for car defects

Proving liability in a car accident is the best way to start a claim for your damages. Your personal injury attorney will help you prepare the necessary documents and pieces of evidence to prove fault.

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