Filing a Car Accident Case in Pearland

Auto wrecks are a common sight on Texas roads. Statistics show that one occurs every minute. With the rising number of vehicle owners in the U.S, there is a growing concern over the damage traffic accidents cause. Victims who suffer catastrophic harm may have a difficult time coping with the financial losses that follow, while families of those killed also have their lives disrupted. Unfortunately, many accidents on Texas roads stem from negligence. 

If someone was at fault for the accident that caused your injuries or the loss of a loved one, you should take legal action immediately. Filing a car accident case in Pearland may be your only chance to get your life back on track or get justice for your loved one. Our car accident attorneys are committed to helping you access all the legal help you need to pursue maximum compensation for yourself or your loved one. The first step in your journey to making a financial recovery begins with discussing your case at absolutely no cost with our Pearland car accident attorneys.

Settling with Insurance Companies 

Among the major steps you should take following an auto wreck is notifying insurance companies.  Even if you don’t wish to pursue a settlement, it is important that they are notified about the crash. You may not realize the full impact of the crash on your life until weeks later, so if you never communicated to your insurance company on time, reaching a beneficial outcome may be a long shot. 

Days after reporting your crash, you are likely to receive a call from an insurance adjuster with a settlement offer. This is a good start, but you should never get carried away by accepting their terms without due diligence.  In fact, you should, first of all, speak with a qualified car accident attorney. He or she will ensure that your rights and interests are protected while guaranteeing maximum settlement. Although most cases are settled with insurance companies, you may proceed to file a car accident case in Pearland if negotiations do not yield the intended results.

What to Expect When Filing a Car Accident Case in Pearland 

Sometimes, most people are conflicted on whether to negotiate with insurance companies or file a case. Settling your claim is faster, cheaper, and much easier compared to filing a formal case. A lot goes into making a successful case and thus, many people opt for settling with insurance companies. Generally speaking, both scenarios provide for the same outcome. You may recover damages through insurance companies or by filing a car accident case in Pearland. However, the processes are distinct.

Your first step when filing an auto wreck case is writing down the details of your accident, injuries, and losses in a formal document often referred to as a petition. Here, you also address the party that you believe was to blame for the crash or your injuries. By listing all your demands, and the reasons why you think they bear financial responsibility for your losses, you give them a chance to accept or deny all or some of the allegations therein.

Once they answer back, the lawsuit formally begins, with each side getting the opportunity to argue their case. You may self-litigate, but most people choose to hire a skilled and trial-tested car accident attorney.  A jury or judge will listen to both sides before reaching a verdict based on the facts and evidence before them. If ruled in your favor, the defendant will be required to compensate you for all or some of your losses as directed by the court.

When Should I File a Car Accident Case in Pearland?

The decision to settle or file a car accident case in Pearland solely depends on you. However, different factors may guide you in choosing the better process. They may include the severity of your injuries, insurance policies in place, and the damages you suffered. Many people who suffer catastrophic harm that require lifetime care usually opt for a court process since it often yields better compensation. If insurance companies are not willing to settle your case, or the offers made are unfair, filing a car accident case is your best option for protecting your interests. 

Contact a Lawyer if You Have Been Involved in a Car Accident in Pearland

If you are not sure how to go about filing a car accident case in Pearland, contact our auto wreck attorneys today. The process can be intimidating, but if you choose to retain a knowledgeable attorney, the process will be much easier for you. Contact us to discuss your case today for free.

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