police catching hit and run Hit and run accidents are very common in Pearland. Being involved in these types of collisions can be disorienting for the victims and their families. No matter how watchful you are, you can’t always be adequately prepared for the unexpected. You would expect that the driver who hit you would stick around and check on you, but unfortunately, this is not the case for every wreck. You may be left on your own and if there’s no other person or driver around, you may be left on your own to deal with your injuries.

If you or your loved one was hit by a careless driver who fled from the scene of the accident, you may be able to obtain monetary compensation for the damages caused. Retaining a Pearland hit and run accident lawyer is paramount to having a successful case. Having a determined auto wreck attorney on your side increases your chances of success by avoiding mistakes that would otherwise be used to lower the amount of compensation you receive or throw out your claims altogether.

What is a Hit and Run Accident?

A hit and run is a type of accident where a driver collides with a pedestrian or other motorist and flees from the scene. Naturally, you would expect such drivers to stop, not only to help the injured person but also to assess the damage they caused. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Why Do Negligent Drivers Flee the Scene?

The biggest reason why most drivers flee the scene of an accident is that they don’t want to be caught. And contrary to popular belief, not all drivers who flee the scene already have a warrant for their arrest. Throughout our years of civil litigation, we’ve come across very respectable and otherwise good people implicated in these types of vehicle collision cases. They can be lawyers, doctors, criminals, bankers, government officials, and businesspeople.

Some of the most common reasons why drivers hit and run include:

  • Fear and anxiety
  • Lack of insurance
  • Driving under influence
  • Existing arrest warrants
  • The car is stolen or borrowed
  • Possession of drugs or stolen goods
  • Existing tickets

Regardless of the reason the driver fled the scene, you should hire a lawyer to handle your accident case.

What Should I Do When Involved in a Hit and Run in Pearland?

The steps and actions you take immediately after the accident can help protect your interests when filing your claims. These steps will act as a true record and evidence that the accident indeed occurred, and that you were harmed. They may include:

Remain at the Scene

No matter how agitated you may feel, never chase after the driver who hit you. Doing so can put you at more risk than you may already be in. Moreover, leaving the scene can create doubts as to whether the collision happened.

Call the Police

Immediately you are hit, call the police and notify them about the accident. You may also request the dispatcher to send an ambulance if you are injured. The police play a pivotal role in assessing the scene and determining fault. Be sure to also request a copy of the filed police report.

Collect Important Information

Unlike in other crashes, a hit and run accident leaves the victim with not much room for observation. By the time you come to terms with what happened, the driver is most likely going to be out of sight. However, there are small observations that you may be able to make. For example, you may note the direction where the car sped off to, its color, its make or model as well as the license plate number.

Talk to Eye Witnesses

Eyewitnesses are a very important entity when it comes to any civil litigation. They serve to confirm that the accident occurred, and also give a non-partisan account of exactly what happened. Contrary to what many people believe, witnesses in a hit and run accident case do not always side with the plaintiff by confirming the existence of the accident. Their accounts are assumed to be a true reflection of what happened, without necessarily taking either side.

Seek Medical Attention

If you were injured in a hit and run accident in the area, it is in your best interests that you seek immediate medical attention and retain an attorney. Some injuries are not easily determined without the proper medical records to back it up. Every document produced by the hospital must be preserved for future reference when seeking compensation from the appropriate insurance company.

Retain a Pearland Hit and Run Accident Attorney

police chase

While you can file an auto wreck claim by yourself, it is ideal that you retain the services of an experienced Pearland hit and run accident lawyer. He or she understands the legal red tape that comes with a driver fleeing the scene and will dedicate his or her time towards receiving the maximum compensation for your claims.

Remember, our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we don’t get paid unless we win the case for you. This serves to motivate us towards the full realization of your legal rights, as well as dedicating our expertise towards a positive outcome. To help us get started on your case, please call us today or reach out to us online for a free case evaluation.