signing document If you were involved in a vehicle collision, you are probably wondering how to file a successful car accident case. Fortunately, any person who suffers harm in an accident caused by the negligence of another party has the right to seek damages for the losses incurred. But for many victims, the legal process is so complex that they would rather give up their legal rights altogether than seek proper justice for their injuries. Sadly, many end up losing the opportunity to otherwise help make them whole again.

The process of initiating a claim can vary, given that each county has a different set of rules governing the process. You should, therefore, contact a seasoned car crash attorney to discuss the options for your injury claim before filing a formal complaint. Filing a car accident case in Pearland involves several steps to guarantee a favorable outcome and retaining legal help can improve your chances of success.

Contacting the Police in Pearland

Filing a car accident case starts with notifying the police about the accident. Immediately after the crash, you are most likely to be shaken up, therefore making you physically and emotionally unfit to assess the scene and independently determine liability. At this point, it is best that you call the police to document the scene. Apart from being a legal requirement, calling the police allows you to make an informed decision concerning fault.

Some accidents happen so fast that both parties are unsure of who is at fault. In this case, the police will assess the factors leading to the crash and make a final report. Furthermore, the police can also make arrangements for emergency response teams such as ambulances to attend to injured persons. At the tail end of their investigations, be sure to retain a copy of their final report as you will use it when filing a car accident case with your attorney.

Seeking and Documenting Medical Attention

There are many car accident victims who feel fine immediately after the crash, but later develop pain related to the collision. Failing to get medical attention when you are injured after an accident may be detrimental to the success of your case. Worse still, it slows your recovery process, and as a result, you may suffer more harm than you would if you had sought immediate medical help.

Getting medical attention as soon as possible after an accident gives you an opportunity to have your physical state evaluated for injuries that you cannot see with the naked eye. In the end, you may better understand the extent of the harm incurred in the accident. All medical care expenses and records should be properly documented for future reference, since they form the basis of your car accident case. Your lawyer can review these records and use them when completing the filing paperwork for your vehicle collision case.

Collect Information About Your Car Accident Before Your File

case records

If you can, collect as much information as possible about your car accident. But if you can’t, be sure to have a relative or friend do it for you. Collecting information about the crash helps record important aspects such as:

  • Models of vehicles involved
  • Registration numbers of cars involved
  • Number of persons involved
  • Contact information of the other driver
  • Contact information of eyewitnesses
  • Positions of the vehicles before, during, and after the crash.
  • Photos of the scene

A post-accident journal may help you put down everything about your car crash chronologically, which will be extremely useful during the filing process.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Once you are ready, you should make the call to your insurance company to report the accident. The company’s representative, often the insurance adjustor, will ask you several questions and may also request you to fill out some documents. To help process your claims, every piece of information you collected as mentioned earlier should be handed over to the insurance company. While you do so, remember to keep records of every communication between you and the insurance adjustor. Record their:

  • Names
  • Phone number
  • Title
  • Time of communication
  • Dates of communication

If you receive a call from the other driver’s insurance company, it’s best not to speak with them without an attorney present. As much as they may say they would like to help you, they are employees that serve the best interests of their insurance company. If you are not hiring an attorney to help you with your claim, you should only reach out to them to negotiate once you know the full extent of your injuries and need for future medical care. However, please note that your opportunity for compensation after a car accident will expire after two years unless you file a petition with the court.

Record All Expenses Related to Your Car Crash

Regardless of the severity of your injury, you are likely to suffer financial losses after an accident. You may have to incur out-of-pocket expenses for property repair and medical treatment for your injuries.  It’s equally important that you record all expenses related to the crash in case you need to file an auto wreck claim in Pearland. This serves to ensure that all your losses are covered in the settlement offered.

Retain a Seasoned Attorney Before Filing a Car Accident Case in Pearlandmeeting with attorney

Getting legal representation from an experienced car accident attorney helps protect your rights. Regardless of whether you were severely injured or not, hiring an injury attorney is the best way to deal with a vehicle collision and understand your options. Filing a car accident case in Pearland doesn’t always mean that the defendant is at-fault for the crash. So how do you go about it if you’re partly at-fault for your own injuries? These are some of the grey areas where the input of an attorney is needed. To retain one of our experienced lawyers for your case, contact us today for a free consultation.