stressed You may have experienced how stressful and frustrating a car crash can be. The unexpected and sudden turn of events creates psychological, physical, and financial strains not only on you but your family and friends too.  If fatal, the accident may cause huge losses extending from medical bills for severe injuries and property damages to your car. Fortunately, accident victims have legal rights to seek compensation for all related damages if the vehicle collision was caused by a negligent party.

Sadly, getting the compensation you need is not easy. You will have to fight against resourceful and experienced attorneys representing the liable party (defendant) or their insurance company. On other days, the insurance adjuster will make it so difficult for you to get what’s rightfully yours. Generally, you can fight for damages on your own, but for moderate to serious injuries, doing so may be more harmful than it would be helpful. If you’re injured, the most important thing is to get the medical treatment you need. A seasoned car accident attorney can be helpful for the legal process. Our team has years of experience, and we know what to do to help you receive maximum compensation.

Recovering damages in a Pearland car accident case is often based on how well your attorney presents your case. However, this doesn’t mean that all the work will be performed by your counsel. In fact, you should equally play a role by facilitating a smooth recovery process initially by notifying the police, documenting the accident, seeking medical treatment, and contacting your insurance company.

What to Do Immediately After the Vehicle Collision

No matter how opposed you are to calling the police, they must be informed about the accident. Often, you are legally required to call them after a crash. A copy of the police report is also crucial, as it serves as a piece of evidence with the attorneys and insurance adjusters of the other side.

The steps you take immediately when the car accident occurs can impact your ability to recover compensation. If your injuries are not severe or do not require an ambulance, you should take it upon yourself to collect and preserve evidence from the scene before the police arrive. You can take photos of the scene, your injuries (if any), photos of damaged property, models and registration numbers of cars involved, contact information about the driver, and eyewitness information and testimonials. It’s extremely important that you take caution when doing all these to avoid being injured in the process.

Seeking and Following Up with Medical Treatment

Seeking immediate medical attention is the most important step after a car accident if you feel that something is wrong. Common auto accident injuries can range from anything from a bruise to total paralysis or death. Regardless of how healthy you might feel, you should attend every doctor’s appointment to document your recovery process. Receiving damages in a Pearland car accident case will be dependent on the medical records you bring forward during negotiations or at the trial. Those doctor’s notes will be safely documented by your lawyer.

Contacting the Insurance Company

phone call

Your insurance company or that of the defendant must always be in the loop whenever an accident occurs. However, you should know that the insurance company has different interests from you.  When they reach out to you with an initial offer, they often do so to resolve your case for less than full justice. Let your attorney do the work of demanding the full value of your car accident injuries.

Ways of Recovering Damages after a Pearland Car Accident

A majority of car accidents in Pearland are resolved through settlement negotiations with the defendant through the insurance company. It starts with submitting your claims, presenting available pieces of evidence for review, and negotiating with the insurance adjuster. While this may take a lot of time, the process is resolved more quickly than when resolved in a trial.

Unfortunately, not all cases settle during negotiations. If negotiations are unsuccessful, you can also consider filing your case in a court of law. Here, your attorney gets to present your case before the jury. The severity of injuries and the degree of damage to your property can result in huge bills for treatment and repair. But when the insurance company is not ready to pay some or all of your accident-related expenses, your attorney has no choice but to take your case to court.

Contact Us for Help Recovering Damages in a Pearland Car Accident Case

If you were injured in a car crash, we are aware that the defendant’s insurance company may be trying to convince you of their initial offer. And while this may seem to be a nice gesture, it is advisable to consult with an attorney about recovering damages in a Pearland car accident case. The insurance company’s goal is to have you give up your right to justice in the courts for a fraction of what a jury would award. Our legal team can recover the damages for you. We will not only protect but also defend your rights. To start on your case, call us today for a free consultation.