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Highway accidents continue to pose a serious issue despite efforts to enhance safety measures. Freeways and major roads in the United States have undergone reconstruction to accommodate all road users, including cyclists and pedestrians. However, the number of highway collisions continues to rise annually. Reports indicate that over 70 percent of interstate accidents are attributed to drivers’ negligence.

Given the high speeds involved on highways, the consequences of an accident can be catastrophic. The impact can lead to life-threatening injuries that take months or even years to heal, and tragically, some accidents result in fatalities. It is unacceptable for individuals to endure the emotional, physical, and financial turmoil that follows a highway accident. Our team of Pearland highway accident lawyers is prepared to handle your case with professionalism, ensuring that you receive maximum compensation for your injuries. Increase your chances of success by contacting a skilled car accident attorney today.

Major Causes of Highway Accidents in Pearland

As mentioned earlier, driver errors and negligence account for at least 70 percent of all highway accidents. However, it is not always the case that the other driver is solely responsible. Pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, or third parties can also contribute to accidents. Determining fault requires the expertise of an experienced lawyer before proceeding to sue the responsible parties for a highway collision.

Some common causes of freeway accidents in the area include speeding, unsafe lane changes, tailgating, road rage, distracted driving, and highway racing.


On the interstate, you will encounter designated speed limits for specific sections of the highway. Unfortunately, some drivers choose to disregard these traffic rules by exceeding the speed limits, often by 10, 20, or even 30 mph. The higher the speed, the less time a driver has to react in the event of an accident.

Unsafe Lane Changes

Pearland’s highways are designed to accommodate multiple vehicles in both directions, allowing drivers to overtake slower vehicles, exit freeways, or turn onto smaller roads. However, not all drivers execute lane changes cautiously. Failure to use turn signals or check blind spots can lead to accidents.

Tailgating and Road Rage

Drivers on freeways and major roads should maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front to allow for adequate reaction time in case of sudden slowdowns. Tailgating at high speeds can be dangerous and potentially fatal. Additionally, high-speed driving can escalate emotions, leading to acts of road rage and resulting in tragic highway accidents.

Distracted Driving

Despite its seemingly minor nature, distracted driving contributes significantly to highway accidents, not only in Pearland but across the United States. Even a momentary distraction, such as replying to a text or making a call, can lead to a fatal crash.

Highway Racing

While the interstate allows drivers to travel at high speeds, some individuals engage in street or highway racing. Modernized vehicles equipped with performance-enhancing parts facilitate these activities. However, even the slightest error during such races can have catastrophic consequences. Contrary to what movies portray, these dangerous stunts often result in serious injuries.

How Will I Receive Compensation for My Damages?

There are two primary methods through which an attorney can assist you in obtaining monetary compensation for your damages following a highway accident: negotiating with your insurance company and proceeding to trial.

Negotiating With Your Insurance Company

After the accident, you may receive a call from your insurance company or the defendant’s insurance company, and they may even present a settlement offer. However, it is crucial not to accept any terms without consulting your lawyer. Your attorney understands the appropriate value of your pain and suffering and will engage in negotiations with the insurance company to pursue a favorable settlement on your behalf.

Proceeding to Trial

If negotiations with the insurance company do not result in a satisfactory resolution, your legal representative will prepare for a courtroom trial. During the trial, both parties will present their cases, and a jury will make a final ruling based on the evidence presented. The main advantage of taking your accident case to trial is that the value of your case will be determined by a jury of your peers rather than an insurance company.

Get in Touch With Our Pearland Highway Accident Attorney to Maximize Your Settlement

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If you have been injured in a highway accident caused by someone else, it is important to file a claim against the negligent party’s insurance company. Our Pearland highway accident lawyers are here to assist you in seeking the maximum settlement from the defendant. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and discuss the legal options available to you.

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