fallen truck Any type of car accident can be fatal, but rollover accidents are widely known for their high mortality rates. The rate of survival for vehicle drivers and passengers is lower than other types of car accidents, and who survive are often left with broken bones, herniated discs, or head injuries. As a result, their lives may take a sudden turn, lowering their quality of life overall.

If your car flipped over in a wreck, you may qualify for compensation, depending on the circumstances that led to the crash. If another person caused the accident directly or indirectly through their actions, the law provides you with legal options. You may hold them accountable for the damages caused. Retaining a Pearland rollover accident lawyer is highly advisable, especially when seeking compensation from multiple parties. Furthermore, an experienced vehicle collision attorney could file your claims while you are focused on seeking treatment for your injuries.

Factors that Contribute to Rollover Accidents in Pearland

While there are countless reasons why a rollover accident can occur, there are several factors that often contribute to these crashes. Some of them are caused by driver negligence, but this does not mean that the driver is always responsible for the crash. Common ways through which drivers contribute to rollover wrecks include:


Each car has a designated maximum speed at which it’s deemed safe to operate. But very commonly, a majority of drivers tend to go beyond these limits, especially when overtaking other cars or driving on the highway. Sadly, a small error such as a distraction or misjudgment while driving at these high speeds may cause a car to flip over.

Distracted Driving

Almost all rollover accidents happen during normal driving scenarios such as a legal overtaking, exiting a freeway, or making a turn. Any form of distraction, especially the use of mobile phones, increases the chances of losing control and causing a wreck.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs makes it difficult for the driver to make calculated and informed decisions. As his or her judgment becomes impaired, the driver may engage in actions most likely to result in a rollover collision.

Type of Vehicle

Research shows that some types of vehicles are more prone to flip over compared to others. Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are the leading type of vehicles likely to roll over especially when at high speeds or wet roads.  These types of cars are top-heavy and turning at high speeds can create a dangerous scenario.

Road Conditions

A poorly maintained or constructed road can be a catalyst for rollover accidents. While moving at relatively slow speeds, a pothole or debris on the road cannot directly cause a rollover. Therefore, the poor state of the road will likely only cause a rollover if there are other contributing factors such as speeding.

Defective Vehicle Parts/Systems

Faulty vehicle systems and parts also contribute to rollover accidents. A defective steering or braking system is a common recipe for car crashes. Some of these systems and parts are installed during production and maintenance. Therefore, someone injured in a rollover wreck may work with a skilled lawyer to hold the car production company liable for damages caused.

Should I Accept Settlement from the Insurance Adjuster or File a Lawsuit?

Like any seasoned rollover accident attorney would tell you, there is always room for negotiating with your insurance company or that of the party at-fault before going to court. Not all claims go to trial. However, this does not mean that you should accept the offer given by the insurance adjuster. Adjusters work in the best interests of their employer, the insurance company. Therefore, it is their job not to offer maximum compensation, regardless of the severity of the damages caused.

Retaining an attorney familiar with flipped car accidents is important, more so when the insurance adjuster approaches you with a settlement offer. All communication with your insurance company will be done through your attorney, helping you avoid situations that would otherwise make you sign away your legal rights for a small amount of money. If both parties don’t come to a mutual agreement, your attorney will have no other option, but to file a formal lawsuit in the appropriate court of law. The biggest advantage of going to court is that the settlements are usually higher than the offers from your insurance company before filing suit. You may also receive punitive damages depending on the circumstances of your rollover accident.

Retaining a Pearland Rollover Accident Attorney

damaged car

If you believe that your injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence, you should consider filing a personal injury claim with the assistance of our Pearland rollover accident lawyer. Call us as soon as possible and our attorneys evaluate your case effectively. Our case evaluations are absolutely free with no hidden costs. Contact us today.