Every day, we come across busy people running errands in the streets and highways. Some are on the move to work, school, or even to visit with friends.  Drivers may be multitasking or focused on other things. During such scenarios, it is likely for road users not to see other vehicles or pedestrians. A tragic accident can occur in the process.

If you may have been a victim of a failure to yield accident, you should speak with a knowledgeable auto wreck attorney as soon as possible. You may be able to recover damages for your injuries. Our Pearland failure to yield accident lawyer is the best person to talk to in such cases. He or she will use years of legal experience to understand your case and receive maximum compensation from the negligent party.

Where Do Failure to Yield Accidents Typically Occur?

A right of way can happen anywhere and at any time. It could happen on the highway, in a parking lot, or an intersection. For this reason, drivers are expected to observe their traffic signals and their surroundings, and yield to other motorists and road users to avoid any possible accident.

Like any other type of vehicle collision, a failure to yield accident may result in large medical costs and treatment to help you get back on track with your life. Unfortunately, determining fault in a car crash is not always easy. Multiple parties may dispute their involvement in the failure to yield collision, therefore necessitating the need for a lawyer in the Pearland area.

What Does the Law Say About Right of Way in Pearland?

To mitigate the occurrence of accidents arising from failure to yield, Pearland laws provide for special rules and regulations which govern how and when a driver reserves the right of way. Apart from rapid response vehicles such as ambulances, police vehicles, and fire engines, all other motorists must yield right of way when appropriate.

Below are some of the scenarios where a driver is expected to yield the right of way:

  • When a driver is turning left on a solid green light
  • When two drivers approach an intersection from opposite directions at the same time, the driver on the left must yield the right of way to the one on the right
  • A driver must yield the right of way to oncoming traffic if he or she enters a public roadway
  • A driver must yield the right of way at points where a yield sign exists
  • When a driver is notified or flagged down by workers in a construction zone or pedestrian crossing

An accident attorney familiar with cases involving right of way violations can help you determine how these laws apply to your claim.

Determining Fault in a Failure to Yield Case

Establishing fault in a right of way accident is often challenging. Every driver thinks they are right, and this dispute may prolong the resolution of your case. To distance yourself from such shortcomings, you should hire a seasoned failure to yield lawyer to properly prove fault. While you can litigate your case on your own, an attorney has experience in retrieving important documents and pieces of evidence that may help show who was at-fault for the accident. These include:

  • Eye witness testimonials
  • Statements from drivers involved
  • Traffic footage
  • Testimonials from expert witnesses
  • Accident reconstruction experts
  • Police reports

The fault is not always tied to the driver. In some cases, you may sue other parties such as road construction companies, vehicle manufacturers, car owners, or another third party. For example, if the vehicle’s brakes fail, the other driver may not have direct liability for any damage or accident caused in the process. In this case, you may sue the vehicle manufacturer or maintenance company.

What are the Major Causes of Right of Way Crashes in Pearland?

Failure to yield accidents are often caused by the same factors associated with other types of car accidents. They include:

Your lawyer should be able to establish the root cause of the failure to yield accident to determine fault effectively.

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