Expert Witnesses in Pearland Car Accident Cases

When you are involved in an auto wreck, your primary concern should be your well-being.  You should get yourself checked for hidden injuries. From there, you can now think about pursuing compensation for your injuries. Filing a car accident case in Texas is not something many victims want. The process is emotionally and financially exhausting especially when you choose to go to court. Regardless, you shouldn’t give up on your rights when our car accident attorneys are here to help.

Common Types of Expert Witnesses

Although many cases are settled through negotiations with insurance companies, some proceed to trial. It could either be because insurance adjusters failed to offer a fair settlement, or your attorney decided to get the most out of your case. During a trial, you will need to show the jury how the defendant caused the auto wreck, and why they should carry your financial burden. There are many ways to prove your claim, but one that has proven invaluable in our decades of legal practice is the use of expert witnesses in Pearland car accident cases.

Expert witnesses are not your ordinary eyewitness. They possess unique skills and experience in different fields relevant to your case. The most common types of expert witnesses in Pearland car accident cases are:

Accident Reconstruction Specialists

As their name suggests, accident reconstruction experts use their knowledge to recreate the moments leading to the crash. By combining the facts available with their expertise, they can establish crucial leads regarding how the accident occurred. They may also use simulations to show how fast the vehicles were moving at the time of the accident, and also establish whether the driver would have done anything differently to prevent the crash. In most scenarios, accident reconstruction specialists are used to identify grounds on which liability may be established. 

Medical Experts

Apart from providing medical reports and documentation proving your injuries, having a medical expert testify in person adds weight to your case. Their testimonies are reliable and are considered more accurate. Your doctor may be called upon to testify and offer a professional review of your injuries and their implications on your general health. If you suffered an injury for which you sought medical treatment, your physician may be used as a medical expert.

Mental Health Experts

Traditionally, many victims fail to take their emotional trauma into account when pursuing compensation.  After a crash, some people develop anxiety disorders that change every aspect of their lives. They no longer enjoy the things they used to, or even feel safe while out on the roads. As a result, their quality of life is diminished. Having a mental health expert is the best way to prove such intangible losses.

Economic Experts

Economic experts are great assets when calculating the value of your claim. They help put together your economic and non-economic losses. While you may argue that calculating the value of your damages is a matter of additions and subtractions, so much goes into valuing a claim that you think. An economist will also put a dollar figure to subtle losses such as physical pain and suffering. On top of that, they will also factor in inflation when analyzing your losses.


Engineering experts in different fields may strengthen your case by offering unbiased explanations and insights regarding different aspects of your auto wreck. For example, highway engineers specialize in establishing the conditions of roads and highways, and whether they contributed to the crash. On the other hand, automotive engineers or mechanics help analyze the condition of vehicles involved in the accident to establish their roadworthiness. They can tell whether faulty systems or parts may have been at the center of your crash.

Where to Find Expert Witnesses in Pearland 

Since no two accidents are the same, you may not require all the discussed expert witnesses in a Pearland car accident case. Finding an expert for your case shouldn’t be a problem. Our auto wreck attorneys have a database for all expert witnesses who may add value to your case. The best part yet is that you don’t have to pay upfront legal fees so we can retain them. Through our contingency fee policy, we foot all bills related to your case up front and only collect attorney’s fees if you get paid. 

Contact an Attorney if You Have Been Involved in a Car Accident in Pearland 

Expert witnesses in a Pearland car accident case are invaluable assets in bolstering your arguments and proving your case. Our auto wreck attorneys will provide the merits of different experts that would be helpful in your lawsuit. Contact our team today to learn more about expert witnesses.

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